Beauty News: Michael Jackson the Fragrance

Joe Jackson milks the cash cow as word on the street is he will be introducing a female and male fragrance dedicated to his late son. Just sounds TOO weird to me…


My mum always says you never can tell what happens behind closed doors and how a person mourns so never judge someone that has recently lost a family member, friend, or someone dear to them. However, I will say, should someone pass away in my life I probably won’t be heading out to create a perfume in their honor…..


According to Beauty Packaging News, Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, is set to launch a fragrance collection dedicated to his late son. He’s teamed up with a French fragrance company to create both a male and female fragrance called Jackson’s Tribute and Jackson’s Legend, which are inspired by plants grown at the late King of Pop’s Neverland Ranch.

The firm’s chief executive, Franck Rouas, says, “With Joe Jackson, we are 50-50 partners in world sales, television rights and advertising receipts (for the collection)….We did it very, very quickly. Usually it takes a year.”

I dunno this entire thing just makes me shudder and say to myself, “Really? Seriously?”

What do you think?

Eau de Jackson anyone?

  • 1/17/11 12:13 Maria:

    Pfft, if you want to smell like MJ, just buy Black Orchid by Tom Ford.

    People will find a way to cash in on everything. I just hope that it’s a rumor.


    • 1/17/11 12:17 the Muse:

      hi Maria I hope so too, it sounds terribly gaudy to introduce a fragrance line just after your son died :(


  • 1/17/11 12:33 Joice:

    Ugh. As a lifetime fan, I’m disgusted by the way everyone around him sees his death as a new way to rake in the cash. I’ll admit, I am curious as to how they smell but I don’t think I would buy it, ever!


    • 1/17/11 12:36 the Muse:

      agreed joice it’s awful :(


  • 1/17/11 14:01 LINDARRAGNAR:

    that just shows how money hungry joe is…. i am so thankful jacksons kids didn’t get stuck with him~!!!


  • 1/17/11 16:33 vonnie:

    mj already HAD a fragrance, back in the early 90s. i’m not digging the thought of joe creating something new supposedly in his honor.


    • 1/17/11 17:03 the Muse:

      i honestly don’t remember that however find it perfectly ok if it was endorsed by him however his dad doing it in his honor I def raise an eyebrow at!


      • 1/17/11 20:35 vonnie:

        exactly, i’m fine with celeb fragrances and therefore more than fine with HIM creating a fragrance with a company himself….joe doing it? blech, that dude is way slimy


        • 1/18/11 12:50 the Muse:

          ha vonnie…I get the vibe too!


  • 1/17/11 17:14 rainbow:

    >< essence of dead pop star? erm…think i'll pass…


  • 1/18/11 3:17 Selenite:

    Vonnie is right, there was an MJ fragrance before in a horribly tacky bottle emblazened with a hologram image of MJ himself years ago. I’m not sure if it even went on the market.

    The fact that this is supposedly being dreamed up by his father should make anyone keep their wallets closed. Seriously, devil horns would really suit Joseph “the Hawk” Jackson.


    • 1/18/11 12:48 the Muse:

      wow selenite can’t remember that at all! lol


  • 1/18/11 12:04 Mary the Muse Militant:

    A mother who tramatised her daughter by having half her eyebrows ripepd out and now Michael Jackson’s grubby dad taking advantage of his son’s death.
    It’s all “parents behaving badly” today !


    • 1/18/11 12:06 the Muse:

      LOL mary, parents behaving badly, LOL


  • 1/19/11 2:31 MurphysLaw:

    Franck Rouas from Julian Rouas Paris has carved himself a rotten reputation as a scam-artist in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. This perfume deal reeks of his greed and disgrace. Check out the links below…


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