Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Powerful Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

The new Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Palettes have launched on counter, I seen ’em at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom while shopping yesterday so if you’re lemming is strong do check ’em out.

Best news? They are also at Sephora. This is fab if you got a gift certificate for the Holidays and wondering what you want to splurge on.

The palettes at first glance featured some cooler shades of pink but after getting the palettes I realize one is actually cool and geared more towards a youthful audience and one is warmer and more grown up for those who want a more sophisticated pink.

Let’s check out the Bobbi Brown Powerful Palette which is the warmer and maturer of the two!


Wearable shades of pink for lips, cheeks, and eyes for deeper, darker complexions to empower your inner and outer beauty!

Count me Bobbi’s everlasting fan girl but I adore these palettes. The Powerful Palette features some gorgeous shades that can easily be worn by most skin types (Fairer chicklets choose the Pretty Palette for more suitable colors) plus a few of the shades are new so you aren’t getting any reruns here. I’m absolutely gagging to see Bobbi on QVC with these as I’m eager to see her do up some looks with ’em!

Unlike Bobbi’s past palettes you won’t be getting the standard black case here. This is a tiny larger than her normal face palettes and features a deep pink “pretty powerful” emblem written and re-written on a black background. Quite different and unique for Bobbi who favors a more minimal packaging when it comes to her makeup line.

Shadows include, yes, that rehash of Navajo a pale ivory white however other shades include Burnished Rose Eyeshadow and Chocolate Caviar both new shades and Rose Gold. Rose Gold is deemed a Shimmer Wash Shadow but it comes across more as a Metallic to me perhaps I’m not telling the differences very well with her finishes here but it strangely mimics the texture and finish of one of her Metallic shadows. Aside from Rose Gold the shadows are all pretty matte however they still manage to blend out well enough. Pretty simple in terms of application which would be Navajo as a color wash and one of the two pinks on the lid blended up to the crease and lined with Chocolate Caviar. No brain surgery degree required for application here which does, in my opinion, make it a great palette for those wanting a high end, easy to apply palette that’s an all in one face kit for faces, eyes, and lips. Easy, simple makeup at its best.

Both Rose Gold and Burnished Rose are dusky, warm shades of pink. I don’t necessarily associate pink with warmth and it normally leans towards being more cooler but these shades are definitely in the realms of warm.

The blush shade Plum is absolutely stunning and will work well with many shades of darker skin tone due to the pigmented finish. This is a warmer shade of popping pink that really brings a glow to cheeks and face!

Two of the shades of gloss and lip color are both new colors which are Powerful Pink and Pink Pudding plus you get an old fav glitter lipgloss in Pink Bouquet. All are variations of warmer shades of rosy pink aside from Powerful Pink which is a deeper rosy pink.

Colors are pretty much a no brainer which is part of the appeal of such a palette. It’s something that you can whip out and use within 2 minutes to create a perfectly polished, pretty look that’s work friendly.

If you’re looking for bold, vibrant, MAC style eyeshadow and shades here you aren’t going to get them however if you’re looking for more sophisticated, softer, naturally flattering shades, here you have it!

Having the glosses and powder in the same case does cause issues and a messy situation. To prevent drama I normally cover the glosses with the plastic sheet insert that new palettes come with when using the shadows and blush. I reverse the sheet to the powders when I’m using the glosses. It’s not a great solution but its the best one to use to avoid kick up powder into the glosses.

  • Darker, deeper skin colors who enjoy pink (these are all wearable shades for medium skin tones and up).
  • Those wanting some warmer shades of pink to liven up their makeup wardrobe.
  • Anyone who favors a natural look that doesn’t scream “I’m wearing makeup” but does gently whisper, “Look at me!”
  • Anyone who loves Bobbi (no brainer for Bobbi fan girls).

  • Anyone who doesn’t like lip and power products in one place.
  • Those who want popping shades of vibrant color (although pigmented, particularly the blush, these shades are softer than what brands like MAC or NARS might offer, no drama here just flattering shades of color).
  • Anyone unwilling to dish out $60 or more on makeup palettes.

Overall the Power Palette has some very interesting shades of color particularly that gorgeous shade of Plum Blush! I can’t yet call it a favorite without trying the Pretty Palette but we shall see. Value wise it may seem alot to dish out at $60 I think it’s a nice deal considering you get your entire face look out of a single palette with many ranges of looks you can create (two solid ones at least) using the shades.

My pics below are just me using the palette in two looks. The difference between the two photos is really subtle. One I’m using the Caviar liner above my lash liner with a heavier hand and the other I used it on my lower lash line. The shades in the palette remind me of the Clinique Strawberry Fudge palette for some reason!

Quite nice!

Loves it lots.

Did you indulge?

Which palette did you get?

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  • 1/4/11 14:26 JoElla:

    Very pretty on you!
    I wonder if the pink graffiti writing is an attempt to lure in younger buyers?

    Not sure if I am going to get this one, but I think this is a beauty no brainer, and a great one for those new to the line. I also think this palette would be great for a netural everyday look, or for travel. I am a huge fan of the no brainer beauty LOL

    I forgot, do you have the modern classic? and if so, what are you thoughts on it? I have it and been playing with it ever since Christmas and really enjoying it. I think it is the ‘sister’ palette for the Chrome one.


    • 1/17/11 12:50 the Muse:

      aw thanks Jo you’re way kind and yes I think so! same here, older I get the more I want to downsize my beauty routine ;-D! I do indeed and liked it, I have to review, agree def the sister of chrome :D!


  • 1/4/11 15:09 Laci:

    I keep eyeing the Pretty palette, but I’m trying to save money and don’t know if I can shell out $60 when I have similar colors.


    • 1/4/11 16:51 the Muse:

      go on laci…you know you wants it ;D!


  • 1/4/11 17:02 JoElla:

    I agree Laci. When I look at all of my bobbi brown palettes I think I have just about every angle covered.


  • 1/4/11 17:18 Lindsay:

    Super pretty! I’ll probably pass on this palette but it looks great on you!


    • 1/5/11 16:13 the Muse:

      aw thanks lindsay you’re too kind ;D!


  • 1/4/11 22:17 sugar sugar:

    This is such a pretty palette. :) But you’re right having glosses next to powder products is such a turn off. :/


    • 1/5/11 16:00 the Muse:

      yeah sugar :( that’s sometimes a deal breaker!


  • 1/5/11 13:30 katrosado5:

    It’s lovely on you! You’ve sold me on Bobbi Brown. I’ll get this palette but I am really wishing I could find a good palette this year (doesn’t have to be from Bobbi) that has a peaches, corals and bronzish theme. Dunno why, I’m just tired of pinks and am craving some coralish peach drama.

    As an aside, we live in Hawaii now and *gasp* I went to order off Lorac website because Sephora doesn’t have everything I want to haul this month—freaking shipping from Lorac to Hawaii is almost $18.00! No free shipping to here. *SIGH* Now that I can’t get what I want, I want it that much more!


    • 1/17/11 12:21 the Muse:

      aw thanks katros you’re lovely. You’ll find plenty soon as Spring and Summer hit us ;-D I love coral too! Did you try Bella Bamba?! amazingggggggg! OMG $18!? OUCH!


  • 1/6/11 3:35 Amee:

    Very nice palette…. but i liked all the three lip colors..


  • 1/7/11 1:54 Lucy:

    I have 2 Bobbi Brown palettes. I love her gel eye liner! I also hate gloss and powders together. I think everyone put those in their palettes. Drives me crazy. Good idea to use the plastic to cover up the gloss or the shadow. Great idea that I don’t know why I didn’t think of!


  • 1/8/11 7:44 Christina:

    I got the “Pretty” one last week at Nordies (got a GC for my b-day) and I like it a lot; esp. the eye shadows! I am tempted to get the “Powerful” one as well…


    • 1/10/11 16:33 the Muse:

      christine they truly are two fab palettes glad you hauled this girl 😀


  • 1/24/11 11:56 katrosado5:

    Hi Muse, I ordered this from Sephora this weekend. Along with some Givenchy phenomen’eyes mascara (and something else I fogot what it was to be honest). I’m surrendering to the pink palette this spring. I am still hankering for a lovely warm peachy coral palette though!


    • 1/24/11 16:39 the Muse:

      mmm did you try the cabana coral palette katros?!


  • 1/24/11 16:44 katrosado5:

    No I’ll have to go check that out Muse! Thank you much! 😀


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