Ed Hardy Born Wild Eau de Parfum Review

I’m loving on Ed Hardy Born Wild Eau de Parfum at the moment. Ok, ok no one give me a hard time as I know some of you dislike Ed Hardy with a passion but I really love the scent.

Forgives me?


If you can get past your dislike for Ed Hardy wear you might be inclined to sniff this as it’s a rather sweet, lighthearted floral that will make a rather lovely little Spring scent.

Notes of Blackberry and Black Currant meld together with Peach Blossom and Lily of the Valley to create an uber sweet fragrance that has a sparkling, fun feel which should appeal to those who love sweeter florals.

I get a dominate note of the Peach Blossom but the Blackberry and Black Currant meld in to create a sweeter layer against the floral backdrop.

The fragrance isn’t particularly unique and could possibly be dubbed similar to other mass, generic fragrance releases however I do find myself slightly obsessed with its sweetness.

Sadly, the Parfum does require a few touch ups throughout the day as it doesn’t wear so well on me however it does have a nice throw when its first applied and dries down to a subtle sweetness as the day goes by however you’ll find you need a touch up within three to four hours of wear.

It makes a rather fun, playful day time scent that reeks juvenile and possibly teen but I love it none the less. It fits my personality rather perfectly.

Anyone sniff?

What did you think?

Do share!


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 1/24/11 14:26 JoElla:

    Crap! with those notes I will have to sniff this! *grumbles* I don’t want to own anythng Ed Hardy


    • 1/24/11 14:46 the Muse:

      it smells sooooooo sweet and gorg Jo ;-D LOL just don’t tell anyone what you’re wearing ;D!


  • 1/24/11 19:23 p:

    i couldn’t bring myself to sport ed hardy…no matter what it smells like!


  • 10/1/11 22:35 Lisa:

    Nice, sweet, fresh scent….I am enjoying it at the moment.


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