Estee Lauder Wild Violet Pure Color Makeup Collection Estee Lauder Pure Color Gelée Electric Cherry Electric Pink Review, Swatches, Photos

The Estee Lauder Wild Violet Makeup Color for Spring 2011 brings to the table shades of gorgeous purple. Many embrace hues of purple for Spring and this embodies the shade beautifully.

Along with the collection Estee Lauder introduces new, limited edition Pure Color Gelee which has a light weight, long wearing formula that leaves behind a sheet burst of color. The formula mimics that of Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Lipglosses but has a more subtle color pay off.

If you missed out on the Gloss Fluo De Chanel or you already own them and adore the formula, Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Gelee will really capture your interest!

Check it!

A uniquely textured gloss that leaves behind high shine and a kiss of color!

I feel like the glosses have a similar texture to them as my favorite Pure Color Gloss. The formula has a lightweight feel on lips that builds easily and leaves a very subtle kiss of color behind. In some ways it merely enhances your own natural lip shade and if your lips are pigmented you’ll get a very subtle bit of color that’s very flattering. So either way, pigmented lips or not, you still get a nice, natural finish that’s very pretty.

It’s difficult to describe the formula but it quite reminds me of a second skin that wraps lips in a layer of hydration that wears quite long and gives the look and appearances of fuller lips. I’d say they formula was almost a dead on dupe for Pure Color Gloss but remains a little less tacky, a little less sticky, and a little more lightweight. They are also almost dead on dupes for the Gloss Fluo De Chanel with a watery, hydrating feel.

Colors I tried out were Electric Cherry and Electric Pink. Cherry actually looks more coral-ish, peachy on my lips and has the better color pay off of the two but still remains nearly transparent. And Pink comes across very, very subtle so you’re seeing virtually no pigmentation here but it does manage to enhance your own natural lip color.

For me the product and the shades are no brainers for fresher more natural looks and ideal and fitting for the Spring season. They also happen to work great in situations of a bolder eye look which you aren’t wanting to take away from with a louder lip look!

If you aren’t keen on transparent finishes or you want loud, vibrant color pay off these aren’t for you. If you’re sensitive to fragrance or flavored lipgloss, you might wish to avoid as these sport a fig-perfum-y scent and flavor!

  • Anyone who wants a more natural lip look for Spring.
  • Anyone wanting a gloss to enhance their lips but not take away from them.
  • Those wanting a lightweight formula that wears long!

  • Anyone want a vibrant lipgloss (the subtle finish might isn’t bold or strong).
  • Anyone sensitive to fragranced or flavored glosses!

I absolutely loved these. I really love Pure Color Lipgloss and these just feel like a lighter formula of that line. The shades are perfect for days I’m doing bolder eye looks and they’ll prove ideal for days I wanna do lighter makeup looks. They wear long, they look lovely on my lips, and they have an interesting formula which feels very hydrating on my lips. Estee Lauder excels at excellent lip products for me lately and these are no exception. Although you may feel the brand is a tad too “mature” and not as “cutesy” as other brands try not to overlook these glosses…

Loves ’em!

Muse Approved for purchase!

Available for a limited time at and Estee Lauder counters!

Are you a fan of Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Lipglosses?

Will you haul these Gelee’?

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This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.
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  • 1/14/11 11:06 rakhshanda:

    Woww this looks lovely!! I love light,natural shades so loving these:) Nice review!


    • 1/14/11 11:28 the Muse:

      thanks rakhshanda!


  • 1/15/11 14:16 katrosado5:

    I really like EL lipglosses. I am going to pick up at least the Cherry color one in this…I’ll check out the other shades I might get another if any of them strike my fancy like the Cherry one did. (PS: I like mature brands LOL–usually they have a higher end feel which is important to me sometimes–does this have any fragrance? I *want* fragrance in Department store and high end makeup–part of the luxury experience and paramount in my opinion) :-)


    • 1/17/11 11:38 the Muse:

      hi katros :) yup fig taste/fragrance. Def like EL as well, they make some great stuff but sometimes folks can’t see past the maturer and sometimes packaging they consider uneventful


  • 1/16/11 2:04 savannah:

    these glosses have the best fragrance.


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