Lush Valentine’s Day Collection 2011

It’s up, it’s available!

Lush Valentine’s Day! Shop the new Valentine’s selection of products for Spring from Lush Cosmetics by visiting

If you weren’t wanting to bother yourself with airmail costs, UK shipments, etc…you can now shop the collection from the US site as they have everything up and available for your purchasing pleasure!

Also enjoy 50% Off select Christmas Products (Yes, Snow Fairy too) by clicking here!

Happy Early V-Day!

  • 1/19/11 14:17 Cj:

    Just put my order in :) I miraculously stayed under $100 lol, Can’t wait to try Love Birds and It’s Raining Men ;D

    By the way all the Christmas items are already out of stock, except the Glogg shower gel


    • 1/19/11 14:25 the Muse:

      yay score! ;-D good hauling. Seriously?! what…! I was just there and alot was in stock. Am I blind!?


      • 1/19/11 14:31 Cj:

        Maybe all your readers rushed and bought em all lol 😛


        • 1/19/11 14:32 the Muse:

          ha is that possible?! I just looked and everything is gone..WTH!?


          • 1/19/11 14:42 Cj:

            Apparently a lot of lush fans read your blog lol… Or one really rich lush addict 😛

          • 1/19/11 14:48 the Muse:

            lol cj! ;-D rabid lush/musings fans! ATTACK!

  • 1/19/11 18:08 Lucy:

    Can’t wait to try It’s Raining Men! Did you like it?


  • 1/20/11 14:29 Gemma:

    Its raining men is delicious seriously. I brought the large bottle today and will definitely have to stock up on this one.


    • 1/20/11 14:35 the Muse:

      loves it too gemma ;D!


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