MAC Cremeblend Blushes

Fans of cream blush get ready for MAC Cremeblend Blushes for Spring 2011.

Check ’em!

Launching March 3rd, these are a creamy blend of blush that originally launched with MAC in Lillyland and will now remain a part of the permnent collection in six shades.

MAC Cremeblend Blush ($18.50)

  • Brit Wit Dusty rosy mauve
  • Ladyblush Warm neutral coral
  • Posey Warm peach
  • So Sweet, So Easy Bright yellow pink
  • Something Special Light coral
  • Tea Petal Mid-tone reddish brown

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  • 1/17/11 11:02 Hanna:

    Is the ladyblush cremeblend the same color as the ladyblush blushcreme? LOL, im confused.


    • 1/17/11 11:10 the Muse:

      not sure hanna haven’t tried or actually see the blushcreme in person yet.


  • 1/17/11 11:26 Nia:

    Brit Wit is definitely on my list, I love the colour but I prefer the Cremeblend blushes to the old formula.
    One thing that I see though is that even though they kept the names of the current blushes, the descriptions are different. You think they are just fixing their off descriptions or will they change the colour as well?

    For Brit Wit I do not mind though. Bring on the new formula 😀
    Great MAC is making something that works well and people like permanent :)


  • 1/17/11 13:24 tina:

    OH HELLS YEA!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 1/17/11 18:08 Phyrra:

    My first cream blush I ever purchased was from MAC (lure collection).
    I might. I like it :)


  • 1/17/11 18:28 kiwikiwidragon:

    MACs’ adverts have always turned me off of their makeup, emaciated models and creepy poses. The MAC wonderwoman reminds me of adult toys, sorry to those in lurve with these. :)


  • 1/17/11 22:19 meghan:

    I LOVE SO SWEET SO EASY. My heart broke when I realized I should have gotten backups of it, needless to say I am very happy it’s going to be permanent, I just wish the fuschia shade would come back as well!


  • 1/18/11 9:38 Dollymix8:

    I recently bought a Illamasqua cream blush, now I’m a cream blush lover! Never tried one by MAC… Can’t wait for the swatches!


  • 1/18/11 12:03 Alicia:

    hey muse! how do we actually apply cream blushes?
    will a brush work? if not, wouldn’t the pan be filled with loads of bacteria if we used our finger? hmmmm.


    • 1/18/11 12:07 the Muse:

      whichever way you’re comfortable with alicia. Brush, sponge, fingers. Yes, just make sure to wash your hands prior to dipping into the pan if you’re not comfortable doing so just use a brush or a sponge.


      • 1/18/11 12:11 Alicia:

        it always feels to me like brushes works best on powders. haha! =X so a normal blusher brush will work on cream ones as well?


        • 1/18/11 12:29 the Muse:

          true Alicia they do. You def don’t wanna use a normal blusher brush on cream. Kabuki brushes, skunk brush such as a mac’s 187 work best on creams.


          • 1/18/11 12:31 Alicia:

            oh thanks for the heads up! =D if i didn’t asked, i would have used a normal brush instead. =X

          • 1/18/11 12:33 the Muse:

            no problem :) regular blush brush will split. you can try dabbing on the sides of it but not a good idea. something domed is best. I’d use a sponge if you don’t have alot of brushes to spare.

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