MAC Mega Metal Shadows Review, Photos, Swatches

Sorry I’m a little late getting these up. I already gave you the low down on MAC Peacocky but I hauled a few more shadows from the collection upon its release earlier this month.

Curious minds, what did you get?

Did you love the eyeshadows?


I snatched up shades Peek at You, Paparaaz-She, Spectcle of Yourself, and Tweet-Me.

As per my original review I still feel like the shadows all sport different textures and feels. Compared to the two shades I originally tried I felt like these four shades package a more mighty punch in the pigmentation department. Formula has a velvety feel and finish that wears well. They kinda feel creamy-ish to me.

Tweet-Me I obviously purchased for the name as I’m such a Twitter-a-Holic but the shade itself looks like a press form of Melon Pigment. Paparaaz-She is a burnt orange which will pair up well with Tweet-Me for a contrasting shadow look!

Peek at You I hauled because I thought it would make a rather base, color wash, or highbrow highlighter due to its lighter pay off and pretty creamy beige color.

And finally Spectacle of Yourself is just one of those ideal shades for big brown eyes. The color is a rusty copper brown.

All in all pretty happy with this lot.

Which shades did you get?

Happy with the formula?

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This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 1/24/11 15:03 divinem (Melissa):

    I went insane. I have 13 of the 15. 😮


    • 1/24/11 15:16 the Muse:

      damn girl! nice hauling ;-D


  • 1/24/11 15:04 divinem (Melissa):

    Oh, and yes, I am thrilled with the shades. I did a look with Odalisque, Noir Plum and Dalliance. Just a gorgeous peacocky look I picked up from Christine. I’m going to de-pot mine and put them in a Z palette.


  • 1/24/11 17:11 Lauren:

    I love the shades, I got Paparaaz-She, and Odalisque. Love them both!!!!


  • 1/24/11 17:55 Maggie:

    I really like them! I got Dalliance, Top of the Posh, Paparazz-she and Unflappable. They’re all really gorgeous colors and the texture is to die for!


  • 1/24/11 20:32 Tracy:

    I’m a sucker for copper browns so I got Spectacle of Yourself. I didn’t get it at first because I thought it was too much like Antiqued, but it’s so much better than Antiqued! I also got the navy one-can’t remember the name.But that’s it! i was a good girl for once. 😉


  • 1/24/11 21:08 Phyrra:

    Peek at you is pretty.


  • 1/25/11 0:39 Deb:

    I got Tweet Me and Dalliance. I’m loving the tweet me, I just use it as an all over wash on my lid and it makes my eyes perk right up! I’m thinking of using Dalliance as more of a night time look, what do you think?


  • 1/25/11 0:42 The Beauty Alchemist:

    Hey , are you avail. the 31st this month? I *might* be coming for something . Email me or DM.

    PS- Love that one of these is called Tweet Me We all NEED that one.


    • 1/25/11 10:07 the Muse:

      umm yea I can see what I can arrange. want some dinner? maybe around 7:30? Korean BBQ? ;-D my treat! Sam and I were supposed to meet up Feb 2 or 3rd so maybe she’d like to come? ha tell me ’bout it..LOVE that name!


  • 1/25/11 4:12 deb:

    I picked up 4 of these: Unflappable,Mating Call, Prance, and Dalliance. I love the velvety texture and they blend well!


    • 1/25/11 10:20 the Muse:

      yay awesome hauling deb ;D


  • 1/25/11 5:53 Dollymix8:

    I’m definetely getting Tweet Me and Paparaaz-She, still doubting if I should get more… any recommendations? I’ve got brown eyes, brown hair and nc30 skin.


    • 1/25/11 10:20 the Muse:

      hi dolly I’m not great picking at shades for anyone particularly b/c I am not familiar with mac’s shading system ;-D sorry!


      • 1/26/11 3:28 Dollymix8:

        Oh that’s ok 😉


        • 1/26/11 8:09 the Muse:

          ;-D thanks dolly. I’m crummy at rec’ing colors for others ;D!


  • 1/25/11 10:52 Nunuiviet:

    I’m gonna get dalliance, mating call, top of the posh, Odalisque,ego and prance


    • 1/25/11 11:00 the Muse:

      good picks nunu!


      • 1/25/11 12:10 Nunuiviet:

        Thanks the muse :)


        • 1/25/11 12:53 the Muse:

          my pleasure nunu ;D


  • 1/25/11 13:30 The Beauty Alchemist:

    Hi, it’s still iffy at this point, just remember that :) I wanted to ask Sam as well. If it all works out , closer to 7 would be better. I have to keep it simple foodwise, long story, so something basic is good. Really interested in seeing you & Sam more than food 😉 but it’s all good.


  • 1/26/11 4:26 neutralgirl:

    I got the shade sexpectations i think. I haven’t worn it yet but it’ looks beautiful.


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