MAC Wonder Woman Eye Quad Review, Swatches, Photos

You may or may not have your eye on one (or all) of the three MAC Wonder Woman Eye Quads. I actually got rather excited about Valiant since I’m such a sucker for greens. Other shades include Lady Justice (blues) and Defiance (pinks).

I definitely understood that MAC came up with Valiant to mimic the villain’s colors and Lady Justice speaks to me of Wonder Woman but I’m not so sure where Defiance comes into play but I’m honestly not complaining as the shades are a nice selection of pinks I can get on board with.

Let’s take a look!

Sadly, none of the palette swatched so well. Either I was in a rush or the colors were just sadly sheer, I’m leaning towards saying sheer. However, these are only my initial impressions as I’ll be using the palettes later this week and giving you more of a detailed review and thoughts on each.

MAC has done this style of palette before with Hello Kitty however these look a bit smaller in size than those quads. I love this style quad as I find it stores easily due to its super slim design compared to the traditional square palettes from the brand. Each contains a nice size mirror plus the four shades of shadow.

I’ve already discussed it a bit in my prior reviews but it’s worth a re-mention that I’m a tad impartial to the packaging. I don’t love it nor do I hate it, it kinda is what it is. I will say the emblems on everything seem to be firmly in place and probably won’t disappear with use so that’s a plus side where as collections like Fafi had drama involving packaging, Wonder Woman does not seem to fall into these those troubled areas.

At a glance and a swatch I wouldn’t call the quads particularly impressive. They seem to run a tad sheer could be due to the Veluxe finish on some of the shades. I’ll be doing a few looks with them this week and decide on whether I love or dislike these.

So far I will say that Valiant and Defiance stand out for me. I like these shades and think they are fab combination. Mind you, Defiance is not necessarily Wonder Woman-ly but it’s still a rather nice selection of pinks!

Valiant contains:

  • Valiant (lighter yellow green)
  • Spinning Transformation (olive)
  • Diana Undercover (forest green)
  • Manila Paper (pale frosty white gold)

I absolutely love Valiant and Manila Paper but I think I might have issues combining all four shades. Experimentation on my part required.

Defiance contains:

  • Defiance (white pink)
  • Paradise Island (pale baby pink)
  • Star Studded (mauve pink)
  • Real Drama (dark burgundy)

Although it swatches terribly sheer I really love Defiance, it’s one of those shades that will brighten up your eye area and create a soft focused, natural look.

Finally Lady Justice might be the hardest of the three palettes to pull off simply because blues can really accentuate dark circles.

It contains:

  • Lady Justice (shimmering white)
  • Insurmountable (blue grey)
  • Deep Truth (dark blue)
  • Bold Babe (blue with white pearl)

I feel the palettes all promise a good run. I’m eager to try my hand at them and see what I can create. Overall, I feel happy with them so far but definitely have to work with them to see how things end up.

They feel special enough at this point.

What do you think?


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  • 1/31/11 19:35 Tigress:

    I think I’m one of the few makeup addicts who doesn’t feel much for MAC. I remember in high school I tried a few products and wasn’t impressed, plus they are so expensive that I’m just put off. Valiant sure is purty though.

    The case/packaging looks just like a harmonica!


  • 1/31/11 19:51 Sonia:

    Ahhh! Why do you do this to me?? All the colors are so gorgeous!


    • 2/1/11 10:02 the Muse:

      haha sonia sorries ;D!


  • 1/31/11 20:29 Marina:

    Valiant looks like something I could get on board with! I think I would put Manila Paper on the inner corner, the lightest green all over the lid, the last green to the right in the crease, and then the darkest either as a lower lashline color or just a tad in the outter corner :)


    • 2/1/11 10:00 the Muse:

      beautiful marina ;D!


  • 1/31/11 20:36 stacie:

    Maybe defiance is when she isn’t transformed into wonder woman. I really love the packaging xoxox


    • 2/1/11 9:59 the Muse:

      mmm true stacie ;D!


  • 1/31/11 20:55 Phyrra:

    I’m saddened by the pigmentation, though I do like the pink quad.


  • 2/18/11 7:19 Alessandra:

    I want them all! Beautiful! A dream!


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