Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Eau de Parfum

Will Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Eau de Parfum be my new Spring fragrance fling?

Check it!

Dubbed as bubbly and playful, Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh sounds exactly like my personality. More fruity, more sparkling, more bubbly and oh so fresh this scent promises fruity notes of natural raspberry, grapefruit, and pear with floral ones of violet, wild rose, and apple blossom and a base of musks, cedar wood, and plum to add a certain sophistication to all that playfulness!

The original Daisy blend pretty much has completely different notes so Eau So Fresh may be an entirely new sensory experience for Daisy fans!

I wants to try!

Whatcha think?

Could it prove to be your next Spring fragrance purchase?

Available now at

Btw…Amanda Palmer’s weird ass Map of Tasmania is playing on my Iphone right now…I has ear worm.

Thanks Neil Gaiman!

Holy strangeness Batman! WTH!?

  • 1/20/11 0:34 Ludwig:

    mmm grapefruit!! sounds like my kinda scent! : D Any idea if this is limited edition Muse? Also, the bottle looks a lot larger than the original Daisy, is it more like a “splash” rather than an eau de toilette/parfum?


  • 2/27/13 16:47 Jodie smith:

    Personally I think it smells like Parma violets! Yum! I love this perfume!!!


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