mark Spring 2011 Collection

Mark is starting to release little dribbles of Spring 2011 on its website.  I’m always excited to hear about new products as I think the brand has alot of heart and fun. Mind you, Avon wasn’t always so fab but Mark always came out ahead of the game!

Let’s take a peek!

mark Shimmer Down! Lip Gloss $7

  • Pink Spark
  • Browniac
  • Feels Ripe

mark Just Tweezing Hook-Up Tweezer $6

mark Brow Factor Hook Up Clear Brow Gel $6

Shimmer gloss looking nice but I’ll be the first one to call it and say that I prob don’t need a Tweezer Hook Up. No reason to carry around a tweezer on my mark Hook Up, alerting the world to the fact that I’m a hairy beast…no, this won’t happen, sorry, k, thanks.

Available now from

  • 1/6/11 18:34 MC:

    …I would buy the Brow Hookups for my boyfriend so he will stop stealing my tweezers. 😡

    The color of the gloss shown looks very pretty. I’m a sucker for Mark glosses, I may pick one up!


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