Milani Rockstar Nails Collection One Coat Glitter & Jewel FX Speciality Nail Polish

The Glee cast aren’t the only ones getting their nail on this Spring. Milani RockStar Collection features one Coat Glitter & Jewel FX Speciality Nail Polish that celebs like the Bieb, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and more are rocking this season!

Check it!

Anything capture your eye?

Available for purchase at CVS drugstores and for a budget friendly price of $4.99 each!

  • 1/11/11 20:01 Gina G:

    I love these!


  • 1/11/11 21:44 LorraineER:



  • 1/12/11 10:19 Elizabeth Goh:

    Need swatches. Now. *drooooooool*


  • 1/12/11 10:26 Fey:

    These are so sexy. That charcoal glitter and the plated silver? Hawt.


  • 1/12/11 10:55 Telle:

    Ohhhhh! Really nice!!


  • 1/12/11 11:48 Felis:

    They’re gorgeous on, but the formula is like spreading marmalade with a trowel – thick, gritty, gloppy. :( Still, it’s easy to control where the polish goes!

    One day later – tipwear like whoa. Took it off, with all the joy that comes from removing glitter polish. Looked like I’d done something unmentionable to a pixie.

    I’ll keep wearing them, cause they’re beautiful But whatta pain!


    • 1/13/11 16:24 the Muse:

      eep sorry to hear it felis!


  • 1/12/11 13:57 Maddy:

    I have the one with the chunky red and green glitter. I wore it in December for Christmas.

    It’s really cute on, but it flakes off in chunks and is nearly impossible to get off. I had to scrub my nails for 15 minutes to get it off! XD


    • 1/12/11 18:19 LorraineER:

      I apologize if I’m telling you something you already know, but wearing polish under the glitter makes it easier to get off. If I don’t want color under it I’ll wear some clear polish under the glitter..otherwise I end up scratching and scraping to get it off and I love glitter too much to not wear it! lol…but going through that is annoying!


      • 1/13/11 4:35 Gia:

        Usually that’s the case but these glitters while amazing are crazy hard to get off. I used the christmas one under a creme nail polish, i find the cremes are the best under glitters. This took huge amounts of time to get off. Even soaking my nails in pure acetone still left flecks on my nails.
        But still get them ha! They are worth it! I have the pure purple, pure blue glitter, the chunky gold one and the christmas one. They are the best glitters I have had in a while!


  • 1/13/11 0:59 Lucy:

    Love all of those glitters. I have to get these. I love glitter.


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