Philosophy Miraculous Anti-Aging A.M. Treatment Pads

I haven’t technically told you about the miraculous joys of Philosophy Miracle Worker Retinoid Pads since my babble about them earlier last year.

They truly are a miracle, promise to tell you more about them sometime soon!


Today is about the new Philosophy Miraculous Anti-Aging A.M. Treatment Pads. Ok, so I’m over the moon about this and you should be too if you’re loving the night time treatment pads.

The old pads are meant to be used once a night prior to serum and moisturizer however not in the day because of UV issues plus the formula was a bit on the heavier side for A.M. use. The new pads are specially formulated for morning use prior to SPF, moisturizer, and makeup application.

I don’t think Philosophy has officially deemed the pads as a retinoid of sorts however they do work in a similar fashion as one plus whatever miracle formula Philosophy has injected with these is considerably less harsh than treatment creams, lotions, and portions in the realms of retinoids. I haven’t personally used retinoid treatments myself and the Miracle Worker Pads are my first experience coming close to something of the kind and so far it’s been an incredible ride which is why I’m excited to try out the AM ones!

Philosophy Miraculous Anti-Aging A.M. Treatment Pads are not yet available but you can purchase a pre-launch of them from QVC at

I do believe it’s a no brainer purchase for those who already own and love the pads as for those who have never tried them before I’d suggest trying the original pads first, see if you love them, and move on to the AM ones.

Even better I highly suggest the Philosophy Miracle Worker 15-Day Skincare Challenge. I wish they had this available when I originally shelled out $70 for the Miracle Worker Pads so I could get a feel for all the products in this set. I highly recommend this set because it contains a 15 Day Supply of not only the pads but also the Philosophy Miracle Worker Concentrate and Moisturizer all of which have become my anti-aging nighttime staples the past year or so. If you’re like me, in your 30’s, and just now experiencing the very first signs of age or your skin just really needs a pick me up because it’s looking dull, this set will seriously reverse the dullness and the aging plus it lets you experience the products without dishing out the big money for each individual item without trying first. It’s a mere $39 and a deal in my humblest. I use the pads, the serum, and the moisturizer as my night time regime and have noticed a visible improvement in my skin over time.

Sorry this sounds like such a pimp out but I personally purchased all the items I’m discussing here with my own money and simply adore them, they really did something for my skin particularly when I was feeling blue about how dull it was looking and upset about fine smile lines I was starting to notice around the sides of my mouth.

Anyway, that’s my anti-aging story and lemming of the moment.

Anyone try the Philosophy Miracle Worker Collection?

Success stories?

Reject ones?

Share ’em here!

  • 1/5/11 12:47 Alli:

    I actually just ordered this the other day on ($35 there) bc you spoke so highly of the miracle worker products and I was looking for a night time regimen that would help out in this way. I’m 35 and I’m def starting to notice some lines…not happy. SO i figured I would try this out and the trial kit was a great way to go, i thought! I was a bit confused though, bc on the picture it shows 4 items, but only lists 3. So, I wasn;t sure if the pads and the liquid were considered one thing? ( is that how the pads work? need to add the liquid to them?) Hope I’m right with this…and I am pretty excited to try it and see how it works.
    also, seriously considering trying the clarisionic mia, as so many rave about it. are you still loving it? and what product are you using with it now?
    thanks for your help muse!!!


    • 1/5/11 15:54 the Muse:

      hi alli it should be purity, the pads, serum, and moisturizer. the pads/bottle are one product :) you pour the solution on the pads and use them like that, it’s what philosophy calls a fresh pour system.

      Hope this makes sense! :) You’re around my age so this will def help with those smaller lines hun. Or at least it did for me, keep me posted? I wanna hear your resylts ;-D!

      Simply pour the solution onto the pads and keep the jar sealed until you use, the pads won’t feel wet or majorly damp but don’t worry the solution is on there for sure ;-D Cleanse your face in the evening, make sure it’s completely dry and proceed to use one paid by smoothing it on your face and proceeding to reverse it and use the other side. One side is smoother and the other a bit rougher, as this is more of an exfoliating side. I normally start with the softer side and follow up with the rougher.

      Now wait.

      Watch a bit of telly, check your email, let the goodness soak in. Follow up with your serum after a few and wait a bit more and finally your moisturizer, go to bed and poof! great skin in the AM ;D!

      I hated the clarisonic my first time with it and I wrote an awful review, after dedicating some more time and patience to it I can honestly say I love it. It hasn’t done anything for my fine lines nor has it helped the stubborn blackheads on my nose it does however keep my skin lively, fresh, bright, and smooth.


      Hope this helps!


      • 1/5/11 17:11 Alli:

        Thanks Muse! Really does help. My kit does not contain Purity, but I do have a small sample bottle that I can use. (I am also a LUSH girl, so I have cleansers from them as well). Looking forward to trying this…we’ll see.
        So, I pore the whole bottle onto the pads at one time? and then let them sit in it for a bit? how long? interesting…. can’t wait to let you know how it goes.
        I am about to order the clarisonic and i am very excited to try that as well. phew…lots of new stuff going on. hope that won’t be a problem.
        are you still using the cleanser that came with the clarisonic? or something else? i’ve heard mixed reviews…
        just saw your tweet…I know it must be hard to respond to all of us, but I appreciate your efforts…and I can’t wait to see the winners for the 12 days!!! hope one is me…!!! thanks again…for everything!


        • 1/11/11 15:31 the Muse:

          my pleasure alli! ;-D yup. ;-D Seal them up, and let it absorb into the pads. Just wait 24 hours. and you can use…you don’t have to wait but I find they absorb nicer after a day or so! using korres milk cleanser right now with it and also etude house foaming tea cleanser… thanks! sometimes I get a little crazy ;-D email, tweets, comments hehe trying to get through it all about 200 to go phew! just replied to about 378 throughout the day so I’m slowly getting there ;-D

          some of the winners have already been alerted…got 6-7 more people to contact…just working through my database as there were ALOT of entries to get them through. keeping checking email daily for an alert if you won!


      • 1/6/11 14:51 Alli:

        ok muse, so i really am having a hard time deciding where to order my clarisonic mia from. amazon has it and its cheaper…. but is that smart? where did you get it from? i would love to save money, but at the same time, I don’t want to screw myself if i have a problem etc….thoughts???? appreciate, as always!


        • 1/6/11 15:51 the Muse:

          hi alli my original unit I purchased at Sephora but returned it….after that I got a press sample. if it’s sold by amazon (and not a secondary seller) that’s fine? I love amazon ;-D sephora has it as well, qvc, nordstrom, etc…shop them all for the best prices ;-D all have return policies etc…as does amazon who has a great return policy but as I said just be sure it’s amazon directly and not a secondary seller! hope this helps! honestly if you really wanna go hassle free, do it with sephora, EASY returns if you hate it…….


          • 1/6/11 16:03 Alli:

            yeah, thats what i’m struggling with. This may sound silly, but i only see it being sold by secondary sellers… how do you know if amazon itself sells it? hmmm…always looking to save some dollars…so i can bother other fun things!!! ha, and would love to go the amazon route, but not sure if i can find it being sold by them directly…. any thoughts?

          • 1/6/11 16:14 the Muse:

            hi alli it normally says (near the price or under it) Sold By Amazon, Sold by yada yada…etc…if that makes sense ;-D perhaps check out for coupons and such prior to purchasing…clarisonic might have a coupon code hanging out you can use to buy from them directly. def love saving $$ too but it’s hard right now with holidays over ;-D Clarisonic was having a ton of sales during the holidays.

          • 1/6/11 16:07 Alli:

            also seeing it at the for ittle uner $120 but dont know anything about them…you?
            anyone else reading this buy it somewhere else they recommend?

          • 1/6/11 16:15 the Muse:

            haven’t purchased from them alli…just be sure to read their return policy prior to purchase. Good Luck!

          • 1/6/11 16:32 Alli:

            thanks…I’m totally stressin’ girl!!! ugh… not sure what to fo…kind of told myself i could buy it if i found it cheaper, you know? just dont want to buy from a non-reputable source…i’ll figure it out, but in the meantime if anything else comes to your mind, feel free to hook a girl up!

          • 1/11/11 15:21 the Muse:

            hi alli sorry delayed reply been kinda backed up with comments. of course, I totally understand def a bargain hunter ;-D I’ll def let ya know!

          • 1/13/11 14:24 Alli:

            Hey Muse – so fyi – I ordered and got my mia! haven’t been able to try it as it is charging!!! yay! and I did find it for less and did tons of research on them and all is well. so thanks for yor hep with that. Also, i just received the miracel workder trial kit (need to figure out how i want to start using all of this stuff without bombarding my skin….hmmm) and i have a question…may seem silly. i know i need to pour the solution ont he pads etc…but do you cleanse before or after the pads? it doesn’t exactly explain that…trying to figure out the order of things!cleanse, pads, treatment, moisturize???
            once again, thanks girl…sorry for all the ques

          • 1/17/11 12:20 the Muse:

            great alli! :) so awesome. Cleanse before not after. cleanse, pads, serum, moisturizer. Hope this helps :)

  • 1/5/11 13:01 Erin:

    When you said you were in your 30’s I almost fell out of my chair! I thought you were early 20’s at the most! You look so young!!


    • 1/5/11 13:21 the Muse:

      THANKS ERIN! I love you too girl! ;-D!


  • 1/5/11 13:07 Jody:

    I first started using the products that are included in that 15 day challenge back in October. I have been using the Miracle Worker pads, serum and moisturizer. (and either purity or microdelivery wash, but that’s not new for me).

    My problem is, since I added those three products at the same time, I’m not sure if one or all have contributed to what changes I’ve noticed.
    So, I’ve continued all three of the Miracle Worker products, and then added the eye cream this month. Good grief, I’m as much of a skin care junkie as makeup junkie.

    I do think the line has decreased some of the discoloration on the tops of my cheeks, and I wouldn’t say my pores are smaller, but they are less noticeable. My blush goes on a lot smoother, and the skin feels and actually looks softer. And, my forehead is smoother. Not between my eyes, but the smaller lines on my forehead appears smoother. KWIM? Face is shinier, not as in oilier, but as in smoother and, I don’t know, glowier? (I hate to use that word, because glow can mean different things to different people.) It’s that fresh scrubbed kinda reflecting going on, is what I mean.
    (This is why I READ reviews, not WRITE them, lol)
    Now, I’m not claiming to have a huge screaming difference, but one that is enough for me to continue with it.

    I don’t know what I think of adding these pads. I need to look into it more. I already use several things in the morning and don’t know if it would be overkill. OY VEY!


    • 1/5/11 13:07 Jody:

      Good grief, I don’t think that post was QUITE long enough :0


    • 1/5/11 14:28 the Muse:

      HA Jody ;-D sounds like me but haven’t yet added in the miracle eye cream little skeptical about that one as I haven’t had success with Philosophy’s eye creams.

      I skin feels alot softer, it appears brighter sans dullness, and small fine lines around my mouth are def gone however pores and such def can’t speak of my skin is virtually poreless. that one I can’t attest to!


      Same here, very fresh scrubbed feels like I can forgo makeup ALMOST…haha!

      Same here, as well, not something that’s OMG I’m YOUNGZ again but I def will continue as I think it can only keep my skin looking great particularly the dullness and the way its brightened my skin!

      i don’t use alot in the AM so I’m coolin with adding these!

      So happy you shared your experience!


  • 1/5/11 13:54 Michelle T.:

    I got the Miracle Worker Set at the beginning of December from Sephora and wish I had taken before and after pics, because I KNOW it’s made a difference on my 43-year-old face!

    I’m new to antiaging products (should’ve started 10 years ago!), so maybe this is the way it is, but the retinoid pads do leave dry areas on my face.

    The QVC kit I see comes with Purity Made Simple, which wasn’t in my kit but it’s coming in my 500-point perk next week!

    $39 to try the set is a bargain! I paid $110 for the full-size set that doesn’t come with Purity Made Simple and didn’t know if it would work well or not (luckily it has)!


    • 1/5/11 14:25 the Muse:

      I feel the same way Michelle, I feel like my skin looks so much more brighter! thankfully I experienced no dryness with this at all! I agree! I paid for each item separately without really knowing how it would go (thankfully it went great) but needless to say it was alot to dish out on ;D! Love this stuff!


  • 1/5/11 19:06 jonnie:

    This is interesting… I’m 32 and definitely seeing those signs more and more. I’ve been using th Korres Q&O products and I actually really like them, especially the eye cream, but as far as I know the line doesn’t have any kind of thing like this…


  • 1/6/11 9:57 Jenna:

    I feel like I HAVE to buy this after reading the review & the other comments!! Was supposed to be keeping my festive spending spree in check but one more purchase won’t hurt… hee hee! I use Boots No 7 protect & perfect & that has definitely worked for me but there are still 2 fine lines on my forehead that arent budging. Yet!!


    • 1/11/11 15:22 the Muse:

      ha jenna always hard to go on a no buy girl! ;-D I think you’ll like this, do check out the 15 day treatment it’ll give you a real feel for the products. LMK how it works out!?


  • 1/6/11 10:57 Michelle:

    Good morning, what type of moisturizer do you use in the morning with the system? I assume it would have to have an SPF, so I was wondering about that as you don’t really state whether or not the moisturizer is an SPF or not. Thanks!!!


    • 1/6/11 12:14 the Muse:

      I don’t use the system in the morning Michelle, only evening. These are the AM treatment pads which I haven’t yet tried, went into an explanation about how I like the evening ones and ordered the AM ones but haven’t yet gotten them. Hope this helps!? :)


  • 1/6/11 13:23 Michelle:

    Thanks so much Ms. Muse! I didn’t read it all the way through I guess, getting ready to hit Seattle and am running myself ragged, which is most likely a great reason to get this, huh?

    Thanks for your reply!!!


    • 1/6/11 15:52 the Muse:

      my pleasure michelle. no worries. ;-D hope it works out for you if you do get it!


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