Philosophy Oh Lolli Lollipop Lip Shine Set

When I was an ickle tween I had a mad crush on Wil Wheaton, seriously, I can’t be alone here? Needless to say into my adulthood I’m still quite obsessed with the man.


I can’t think of the song Lollipop without thinking of Wil Wheaton as Gordie LaChance in Stand by Me. Awww he was so damn geeky cute way back when wasn’t he?

Off topic but he wears fezzes now, fezzes are cool.

Yes, well, now that we took that path down my memory lane….about lollipops!


I introduced you to the new Philosophy Lollipop Lip Shines yesterday and today I’ll share with you one of their new gift sets featuring the glosses!

Philosophy Oh Lolli Lollipop Lip Shine Set ($18) features two of the Lip Shines in Fresh and Fruity Lollipop and Chewy Chocolate Lollipop! Since the lip shines are $10 bucks each you save $2 by purchasing the set but I can’t help but wish they created a set with all three new flavors…Bubblegum Lollipop must be mighty disappointed not to be included in this kit.

How sad…!

Available now from

Feel free to share your love of Philosophy or Wil Wheaton, which ever, I’m listening!

  • 1/25/11 14:50 Lorena:

    Stand By Me is one of my ALL TIME favorite movies! I was more of a River Phoenix kind of gal though. But Whill Wheaton (love Stewie lol) was definitely a cutie in that movie.


    • 1/25/11 15:19 the Muse:

      LMAO Lorena! <3 "Did you hook up with Whoopi Goldberg on the show? "all the time…" ha! I loved that eppy! I was a river girl too! ;-D totally but Wil Wheaton was my geek crush, I hearted WC!!!!!!!!!!! still do lol!


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