Philosophy Salt Water Taffy Set

For Spring 2011, Philosophy has finally released its Salt Water Taffy Shower Gels in a set! These were available last year as full sizes but this year they put them in a complete set.


The set includes Philosophy Shower Gels in:

The set is $25 and available now at

  • 1/19/11 19:29 niewniewjen:

    “The set includes Philosophy Shower Gel sin”? (; I know you totally dig that, Museeeee~~~!! <3 I actually have yet to try any of the gels…I'm kinda tempted to try one. Any particularly good ones to recommend? I'm a fan of fruity, non-overpoweringly sweet scents. Oh, and cinnamon <3


    • 1/20/11 10:18 the Muse:

      ha sorry jen *head desk* all corrected ;-D absolutely, I’m soooo sunful ;-D LOL! they are all awesome girl, anyone you try you’ll be addicted too guaranteed ;D Try out the pink frosted layer cake, that’s kinda my fav of the mom!


  • 1/20/11 6:01 Jen:

    Ooh I’d be interested in smelling these. Taffy sounds so yummy right now!


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