Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear Ultra-Smoothing Bronzer

Here’s something to keep your eyes peeled for from Physicians Formula this Spring!


Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear Ultra-Smoothing Bronzer is available in a light and darker bronzer that has shades of pearlscent bronze and gold delicately woven together to create a warm, rich glow on face and cheeks.

Physcians Formula claims the texture has not only has the classic look of luxurious cashmere but also leaves skin feeling smooth and soft just like its namesake!

It will be launching in drugstores shortly for $13.95.

I’m not a bronzer girl but I like the looks of the packaging!

  • 1/17/11 11:22 BeautyMaven:

    OOO so cute! Reminds me of the MAC Denim collection– I’d much rather get a less expensive product since the “cute” part is going to fade with use, anyway, aww.


  • 1/17/11 12:50 Beautiful Canvas:

    This look very NICE! I want to try….muse, you’re a bad influence :)


    • 1/17/11 12:52 the Muse:

      ha beautiful canvas ;-D I take proud in that!


  • 1/17/11 13:54 Coral:

    They really have stepped it up in their packaging… I haven’t bought a bronzer yet, but that almost makes me want one.


    • 1/17/11 14:00 the Muse:

      ha I was def slayed by the packaging too coral!


  • 1/19/11 10:33 Christine:

    I love PF products. I really do. One of the best d/s lines, IMHO.

    That said, this failed on me :-( … I bought the lightest bronzer, and it turned orange on my fair skin (apparently, I have yellow undertones in my skin, or so I’ve been told, so maybe that had something to do with it). Back to the store it went.

    I think PF puts out GREAT bronzers, particularly the last series they produced (the sun booster ones? With Guerlain-like packaging) … not an orange tone to be had. The Cashmere just didn’t make my cut LOL.

    (Oh, and the bronzer stones that just came out? GLITTER. Lots of it. Just a heads up.)


    • 1/19/11 10:34 the Muse:

      aw sorry to hear it christine. did you try the happy booster bronzer? that was so beige and muddy on me :( totally fail as well!


      • 1/19/11 10:56 Christine:

        GAH, I *wanted* to try the Happy Booster bronzer, but opted to go for the blushes and the translucent powder instead (their Sun Booster bronzers work SO well for me, and I was afraid to have the same poor experience as I did with the new Cashmere bronzer & bronzing stones).

        I have to say, I did see your review of the Happy Booster bronzer, and the swatch … and I STILL wanted the damned thing LOL. Hopeless 😉


        • 1/19/11 11:04 the Muse:

          I’m the same…it was the design that suckered me in girl! ;-D I’m hopeless as well b/c even though the bronzer was ALL wrong for me, I kept it, the damn design is too cute ;D!


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