Stila Coconut Crush Lip & Cheek Stain and Stila Prime Pots for Stila Spring 2011

When we last left off with Stila they were giving us very little in the works for Spring 2011 but I knew they had to have something MORE up their sleeves.

And indeed, they do.

Check it!

Stila All Over Shimmer Duo in Kitten (Light Pink Shimmer and Beige Shimmer) $22

Stila Prime Pot $20
A water-resistant eyeshadow primer that delivers flawless, creaseless eyeshadow wear all day and night.

Available Shades:

  • Caramel (Beige)
  • Taffy (Pale Pink)

Stila Coconut Crush Lip & Cheek Stain (Bronze Champagne) $24
Long-wearing stain performs double duty and creates a personalized blush and pout in a gorgeous bronze, rose-gold shade. The nourishing formula contains vitamins A, C, and E to moisturize and coconut extracts, which provide antioxidant protection to slow the degeneration of collagen and help prevent premature aging.

Stila Kitten Glitter Eye Liner $16

I love the idea of those primer pots. They look rather fab for wearing alone for a nice, nude eye. How about the cheek stain? Tired of all the variations? I’m not, I love Stila’s Cheek Stain and I’m on board with this shade, champagne bronze sounds rather gorg.

Anything catching your attention?

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  • 1/7/11 9:47 auroragyps:

    A Coconut Crush? I am so there. I wonder if it smells as good as it looks?

    Mmm, maybe I should get out my UD Lip Gunk in Shifty? Coconut Mocha FTW and it would look amazing over the lip stain.


    • 1/7/11 10:00 the Muse:

      I bet it does auro ;-D sounds gorggggggg!


    • 1/7/11 12:54 Vanessa:

      I am drooling all over that idea.


  • 1/7/11 10:03 jenna:

    i’m lemming the split pan shimmer but i totally do not need another highlighter type product. now to pretend i never saw this… lalalalala


    • 1/7/11 10:11 the Muse:

      lol jenna ;-D


  • 1/7/11 12:33 LorraineER:

    Ever since “kitten” became a popular eyeshadow Stila keeps putting out variations of “kitten” in anything they can come up with…Kitten lip gloss, Kitten cream shadow, Kitten glitter liner, Kitten highlighter…I feel like they’re kinda stretching it..I mean, what’s next, kitten nail polish?


    • 1/7/11 13:31 the Muse:

      LOL Lorraine you said it…I bet we’ll see it LOL!


    • 1/8/11 17:44 Fuuka:

      Probably will be next. It is like NARS’s Orgasm blush. They have it in everything now-including nail polish! lol
      I haven’t bought a stila lip stain since the original cherry, and wasn’t all that impressed. But coconut?! I may just have to purchase.


  • 1/7/11 13:57 Andrea:

    I’m interested in the Coconut Crush for sure! I’m such a fan of the Crushes, and this looks like a promising shade. I’m so glad there’s more to the spring collection than they previewed earlier.


    • 1/7/11 13:57 the Muse:

      agreed andrea on all accounts ;D!


  • 1/7/11 16:03 Gina:

    Actually saw the primer pot on the other day and was like “huh, how come no has talked about this yet”. I thought it was some type of exclusive. Thanks Muse!


    • 1/10/11 18:41 the Muse:

      my pleasure gina!


  • 1/7/11 17:03 Mary the Muse Militant:

    The primer pots sound great.
    I might have to trawl ebay for those as Stila packed their bags and left the UK a while back along with Sephora :(
    I’ve a couple of their smudge pots which might be similar to these primer pots and are great used without a base as they don’t budge.
    Are you going to buy these primer pots?
    Go on, go on, go on…


    • 1/11/11 15:13 the Muse:

      but of course mary already ordered *winks* ;D


  • 1/7/11 17:37 Comrade Garlic:

    I normally stay clear of the Kitten family, expect for the original Kitten. But the highlighter and glitter liner look pretty. I loves me some beige shimmer and glitter. Only on the eyes or face. It always looks kind of trashy on the lips and nails. At least on me. Frosty beige lips, bad.


  • 1/7/11 18:24 Phyrra:

    I have to admit, I love Kitten. Kitten got me hooked. I bought a ton of smudge pots. Turns out I’m allergic to Peacock smudge stick, and Purple Pumps & Bronze smudge pots if I wear them on my lower lash line. I’ll probably try this new coconut thing :)


  • 1/7/11 18:26 Taylor:

    When is the release date for this collection? Because I am drooling over the kitten highlighter!


    • 1/10/11 16:41 the Muse:

      it’s released taylor, can be purchased online at sephora.


  • 1/7/11 18:28 Smirking Valet:

    I’ll take the lip primers and the shimmer duo, please!! Hope we get a few more travel pallets!!


    • 1/10/11 16:41 the Muse:

      hope so too smirking ;D can’t wait!


  • 1/8/11 15:07 jonnie:

    Ooh! That lip and cheek stain will be mine.


  • 1/8/11 15:42 Laura:

    I’m such a sucker for anything with the name of Coconut, and also champagne! I’m so in!

    It looks like the Kitten powder could be the same in the $25 Red Carpet palettes? If so – I’m on it.

    I do not like their convertible color blushes, but love the powder blushes- so soft!


    • 1/10/11 16:22 the Muse:

      looks very similar laura so might be a save there as all the red carpet palettes have it ;D!


  • 1/8/11 21:06 Gia:

    No more Kitten! PLEASE! Stila is one of my favorite brands but I feel like throwing all the kitten products I have gotten with a purchase at their company building.. or something like that.
    That said the stain looks awesome! It’s nice to see a stain that isn’t clown red or neon pink. Pale girls cannot pull the harsh stains off!


    • 1/10/11 16:21 the Muse:

      haha gia yes alot of folks are def tired of Kitten ;D!


  • 1/10/11 3:35 neutralgirl:

    I’m crazy about anything coconut! And I love their cheek stains-this one will be mine. I’m interested in that primer pot and it would prob be a decent size too if its the same as the other pots.


  • 1/17/11 14:43 Cj:

    Hey did you ever get to try the coconut lip stain? I’m wondering if it would like nude out more pigmented lips? :)


    • 1/17/11 14:44 the Muse:

      got it cj! needs testing haven’t opened it yet eep! promise to try to get to it this week?! ;-D


      • 1/17/11 14:51 Cj:

        Yay! Thanks 😛


        • 1/17/11 15:19 the Muse:

          my pleasure dear!


  • 1/21/11 21:51 1sorry_grrl:

    Muse! I just received the Coconut Crush stain yesterday. It is everything I’d hoped the Mango Crush would be. The color is in fact a rosy bronze that ends up just lovely on my mauve-y pink lips. Two thumbs up from me!


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