Victoria’s Secret Shimmer Lights Eye Kit and Bronze Topics Eye Kit for Spring 2011

‘member the Victoria’s Secret Metallic Eyes Deluxe Palette and Bejeweled Eyes Deluxe Palettes from the Holidays? Did anyone actually haul those?

I ran to VS after seeing them, didn’t find them, ran back, finally located them, and proceeded to be uncomfortably disappointed that the promo images were way better than the actual product.


Anyone do the same?


Victoria’s Secret introduces two more of these palettes for Spring 2011, not sure if they’ll prove more exciting but I love to share all things makeup with you so let’s have a lookiee.


The kits come in a Shimmer Lights color variation and a Bronze Tropics one. Each contains:

  • 6 Eye Shadows
  • 1 Gel Eye Liner
  • 1 Highlighter

Each is $15 which is down $4 from the original $19 price tag of the Holiday versions. It’s pretty much the same palette with different color options available and the customary how to instructions. I like the new friendly price tag however my main beef with the original palettes is they looked gorgeous in the promo image, all sparkly and shimmery goodness however they proceeded to be not as nice in person and a bit on the dry and chalky side.

However, props to VS for controlling the flash in the new images because you really can’t get a vibe at all for the shades in these promo images which I’m utterly and completely fine with me because it doesn’t work me into a foam and proceeds to let me down upon impact. Dig?

I’ll have a look but I’m not promising I’ll love ’em anymore this time than I did the last.

I look forward to other goodies from Victoria’s Secret for Spring 2011 as I adore their LE Collections.

How about you?

Available online at

  • 1/5/11 22:09 Coral:

    Normally I probably wouldn’t buy makeup from VS, but these are super cute. I’m especially in love with the Bronze Tropics. Although, when tropical or tropic is put in the name I’m pretty much drawn to it.


  • 1/5/11 23:06 Shawna:

    For some reason, I’m always disappointed with the VS palettes. I LOVE their single eyeshadows and their lipsticks!!! But, the palettes are always a major FAIL, in my opinion. I admit…..I’ve been tempted to buy some of their palettes just for the packaging alone. LOL


    • 1/11/11 15:22 the Muse:

      I’m kinda obsessed with the LE stuff Shawna ;D even though it is sometimes crummy!


  • 1/6/11 3:19 Amee:

    shimmer light palette looks very attractive


  • 1/9/11 17:20 sillylilacs:

    Promo pics look nice! Shimmer Lights set reminds me of WnW’s Sugar Plum Fairy holiday set though.


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