Beauty Must Unusual: Do You Love Your Umm…Muff?

Feminine care products are something I whisper about. I don’t technically discuss it with anyone, I don’t go to the drugstore and ask where I can find them, and I definitely hide them under the bread when I’m at the supermarket purchasing them.

It’s not a case of being embarrassed because I am woman, hear me RAWR but I’m kind of a private person so I’m normally not one for flashing around these items.

It’s Voldemort-like in a kinda “Product who must not be named” way.

That’s why I’m not sure I want to flash around or store anything in my bathroom that has a big splashed label on the front that reads “I Love My Muff”.

Beauty Most Unusual?

I Love My Muff is a range of feminine car products catered to modern lifestyles of savvy, empowered women of today. Ok, that’s probably not me because the first time I heard Eve Ensler perform the The Vagina Monologues I was slightly red in the face even though I thought it was such an empowering play.

These products were created with a mild formula that’s biodegradability and offers a cleansing, moisturizing, and luxurious feel. They are vegan and paraben free as well.

It’s just the name that sways me!

I Love My Muff…I can’t even say it without laughing but than again the teenage boy in my body screams with laughter when anyone says words like muff, fart, etc….

Beauty Most Unusual?

Not necessarily but man that name makes me giggle but props to the company for sending such a positive, empowering message to women!

Would you use the range?

I’d blush if anyone seen those products hanging out in my bathroom.

Love your muff at

  • 2/18/11 12:00 Sexy Sadiie:

    I would love it.


  • 2/18/11 12:12 Helena/LipGloss Bitch:

    I love it! Muff is what I call it if I need to talk about it with friends or family :) I think the range could be a hit here in Sweden.


    • 2/18/11 12:15 the Muse:

      ha helena 😉 you think? I was a little shy about having I love my muff products hanging in my bathroom lol!


  • 2/18/11 12:30 Jenna:

    “It’s Voldemort-like in a kinda “Product who must not be named” way.”

    LOL! …love the name! I think my husband would be quite amused if these showed up in the shower.



    • 2/18/11 12:31 the Muse:

      lol jenna ;-D “oh honey can I use some of your I Love my Muff cleanser?” haha!


    • 2/18/11 18:15 crissy k:

      Lol, I love “the product who must not be named” bit.
      The lotion part is weird…I mean I would understand if it had ingredients to prevent ingrowns but it doesnt.


  • 2/18/11 12:35 Heather:

    vaginal infection waiting to happen. No one needs anything on the vaj.


  • 2/18/11 13:14 Larie:

    I agree that you don’t really need all sorts of products going on down there, but I find the packaging amusing. I think my fiance would also be amused to find stuff like that in our bathroom 😉 If anyone else saw it, well – good conversation starter, right? 😉


    • 2/18/11 13:25 the Muse:

      lol larie yes, picture it, “Hey Larie is that I Love My Muff shower gel in your bathroom?”


  • 2/18/11 13:22 Alyson:

    who is lotioning their… lady parts?!


    • 2/18/11 13:24 the Muse:

      LOL alyson!


  • 2/18/11 13:35 Cj:

    Oh god… This is either really funny or really disturbing, I haven’t decided yet lol


    • 2/18/11 13:39 the Muse:

      LOL Cj, might I add you don’t have a muff so you need not worry about these issues? LOL ROFL


      • 2/18/11 13:48 Cj:

        Thank god lmao, still this is very cringe-worthy lol


        • 2/18/11 14:05 the Muse:

          LOL CJ!!!!!!!!! ;-D It’s nice being a dude lol no worries about muff problems LOL! *shakes head* omg I’m pissing myself here laughing. Seriously. Imagining a boyfriend walking into the bathroom and seeing I Love my Muff products!


  • 2/18/11 14:20 jenna:

    hahaha so cute. moistened feminine wipes are always a must-have but i’m not sure if my bits need their own cleanser, moisturizer and spray?! these may find their way into my bathroom but not in plain sight!


  • 2/18/11 15:46 Fabiola:

    I agree completely with Jenna. I get the point of having feminine wipes or a gentle cleanser, but I can’t see myself buying a spray or moisturiser for my private parts. It kinda leaves me wondering what’s next. A scrub or perhaps even a mask (names such as “I love my muff smooth” and “I love my muff bright” spring to mind, lol)? 😀


    • 2/18/11 15:47 the Muse:

      LOL fabiola a mask for my muff OMG!!!!!!!!!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


  • 2/18/11 15:53 Fabiola:

    @the Muse: I know, weird huh?! I suddenly realised that the word “muff” is very similar to the Dutch word “muf” which means “musty”. It suffices to say the line wouldn’t exactly be a big hit over here, if they’d stick with their brand name, haha.


  • 2/18/11 18:09 Kel:

    When I was a young girl, I think maybe around 10…I went to the dollar store with $7 and I was so excited to buy 7 beauty products for myself. I came across the deodorant section and I could not contain my excitement when I saw spray deodorant. I thought wow that is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen and I must have it. I threw it in my little basket and made my way to the checkout. As the checkout girl is ringing me up I’m giggling and boasting about my neat little find. I felt like such a woman. A few days later I found that I became a little more of a woman then I had planned. My nifty little spray deodorant was infact FEMININE SPRAY!


  • 2/18/11 21:27 Alisa:

    I could see my hubby asking what the heck is it for and if he can use it LOL. I would then HAVE TO reply, “sure, anything you want to tell me after you use it?”


  • 2/18/11 22:41 Brooke:

    Ohhhh………………my……………..gosh! My aunt has a ‘quirky’ sense of humor and I always try to buy her out of the box type gifts for Mother’s Day, her birthday, etc. I think you may have just found the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her! Thanks, Muse!!!


  • 2/19/11 1:41 Dawn:

    HAHA. Interesting:P

    by the way,have you heard about double eyelid tape and glue? Its an asian-y thing, many girls use it to create a crease on their lids and I never thought much about it until my mum bought them for me and told me to use it.Doesn’t make much of a difference as I’ve already got double eyelids but they aren’t very prominant.After googling on it and applying it,stuck me as extremely strange to stick tape on my eyelids. Definately one of the more unusual beauty products I’ve encountered 😀


  • 2/19/11 2:22 peri:

    i would buy some just to sit it on my counter and see if anyone said anything lol


  • 2/19/11 4:21 Nunuiviet:

    I laughed so much at this article, very funny , I love my muff! Very daring, my husband wouldn’t have a clue what this stuff is for hahahahahah


  • 2/19/11 4:22 Madelene Nattfrost:

    Heheh, funny products! I would buy them if they were available in Sweden!


  • 2/19/11 8:12 Mary the Muse militant:

    You whispered the dreaded Voldemort !! OMG Muse ! Hide !
    This Muff stuff is outrageous – hehe.
    Modern times or not – me NO NO buy.
    Private stuff is best kept private and putting all sorts of lotions and creams on ones muff is appalling (IMHO).
    It’s not like it’s out battling against the elements daily and needs to be kept young looking.

    Where’s the one for the men, “I love My Dick”?


  • 2/19/11 19:45 Marina:

    That’s hilarious! Dunno if I would indulge in that, because the name does bring color to my cheeks…Also, nice Voldemort reference 😉 Made me chuckle.


  • 2/20/11 1:00 Fuuka:

    Overkill. I have seen these at waxing salons. It is just cutesy product to make money. Wet wipes are nice for “that time of the month” but that is it. All that other stuff will give you a yeast infection.


  • 2/20/11 9:35 tee:

    In part of Indonesia where I grew up, the ladies really take care of the muff. Some traditional treatments include steam bath like beauty rituals with herbs and such for the muff! but those traditional spa-like treatments are not called as literally as the ‘i love my muff’ products.

    anyways, is that disposable towelettes for muffs i see? I am interested already haha…


  • 2/20/11 13:44 Ashley:

    “I Love My Muff is a range of feminine car products…”

    Took me a minute to figure this one out. Best typo ever!


  • 2/21/11 2:30 Alexis:

    Oh god these products make me cringe. Not because I am shy about feminine products or anything but because it sends a message out that women are dirty and need to smell like ylang ylang. Its pretty damn annoying. To quote the vagina monologues,
    “Don’t believe him when he tells you it smells like rose petals…that’s what they’re doing, you know, trying to clean it up, make it smell like a bathroom spray or a garden all those douche sprays, floral, berry, rain I don’t want my ***** to smell like rain!”
    That pretty much sums up my feelings on this haha.


  • 2/21/11 10:15 DivaEC:

    Taking care of our Muffs is a must but all of those products just seem a bit strange. LOL I would use a mild cleanser, the wipes and maybe something to sooth irritation after a wax but beyond that, NOPE! My husband would get a laugh from the name. *giggle*


    • 2/21/11 12:48 the Muse:

      lol diva tell me about it, the name cracks me up!


  • 2/22/11 14:43 Donna:

    It would be nice if they had some products for those of us who are a bit more ambivalent, I’m thinking sort of like “Yes to Carrots!” but for this product, “No to Tuna!” or if that’s too much, how about utilitarian, “Suds Yer Hoohah!” or cutesy euphemism, “Beaver Gargle” (UK version, “Mind the Gap”) And for the really skanky who need that scrub Fabiola mentioned, “Ruff Muff Buff”.


    • 2/22/11 21:45 Laura:



  • 2/22/11 14:44 Donna:

    All of you know you would buy those products.


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