Benefit Cosmetics Feelin’ Cheeky! Minis

Benefit Cosmetics Feelin Cheeky Minis

Been dying to try some of Benefit’s cult favorite cheek stains and highlighters?

Here’s your chance to try three of ‘em for as little as $15 bucks!

Benefit Cosmetics Feelin’ Cheeky! Minis is a selection of three of Benefit Cosmetics three bestselling cheek products.

You get:

  • Benefit Benetint (rose)
  • Benefit Posietint (poppy pink)
  • Benefit High Beam (shimmering pale pink)

Cutes right? And such a beauty budget price!

Available now from

  • 2/22/11 11:24 breyerchic04:

    Though i already have highbeam in that size and like my boots dupe better.
    And I want a mini of girl meets pearl without having to buy the set that was just released.


    • 2/22/11 11:31 the Muse:

      oh breyer I’d love a mini of girl meets pearl ;D!


      • 2/22/11 11:43 breyerchic04:

        Its in one of the new sets.


        • 2/22/11 11:46 the Muse:

          mini version? cheap though?


          • 2/22/11 11:49 breyerchic04:

            Nope, $36 in the Finding mr. Bright thing.

            If they’re manufacturing a mini it can’t hurt to sell it easily and cheaply! Because if I get a mini I’m much much more likely to buy a fullsize. Or buy a few

          • 2/22/11 16:15 the Muse:

            awww boo breyer I like the 15 bucks lol!

  • 2/22/11 11:53 courtney:

    i love these!


  • 2/22/11 11:56 Heather:

    I have had nothing but problems with the containers they come in. The lids always crack on me…I wish they would come in tubes.


    • 2/22/11 12:07 the Muse:

      aw so sorry to hear that Heather. I’ve never experienced issues with cracking wow!


      • 2/22/11 20:03 Heather:

        Maybe I am too aggressive when tightening the lid! But either way I want a tube.


        • 2/23/11 9:23 the Muse:

          heather a tube would be cool ;D


  • 2/22/11 12:00 Dollymix8:

    Any idea of these will be available in Europe?


    • 2/22/11 12:06 the Muse:

      not sure Dolly so sorry hun.


  • 2/22/11 13:04 Maggie:

    I just picked this up the other day. I love these, but I can’t imagine ever using a full-sized one!

    Also, I figured out the specifics of the awesome value (because I’m a nerd that way) – here’s a breakdown of the full-sized versions:
    High Beam – 0.45oz, $24
    BeneTint – 0.4oz, $28
    PosieTint – 0.42oz, $28

    So, if you bought all three in full size, you’d be paying $80 for a total of 1.27oz of product. If you bought four of the Feelin’ Cheeky sets, you’d be paying $60 for a total 1.56oz of product. So anyone who likes these should totally stock up on the mini set – it’s a way, way better deal – heck, even if you only like two of the three, you’d only be paying $4-8 more than it would cost to buy 2/3 in full size, and you’d get an extra ~.10oz of both products.


    • 2/22/11 13:13 the Muse:

      JEEPERS maggie ;-D you rock! thanks for all these deets! So helpful!


  • 2/22/11 14:58 Laura:

    Thanks for posting this, I would’ve never known and have always wanted to try them!


    • 2/22/11 15:04 the Muse:

      my pleasure laura!


  • 2/23/11 0:36 Kristen:

    This is awesome! I’ve always wanted to try all three, but the price stopped me- this is a great deal!


    • 2/23/11 9:18 the Muse:

      I thought so too kristen :D!


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