Benefit Finding Mr. Bright

It’s not everyday your favorite makeup brand promises to help you find Mr. Bright. I know I’m always looking for him.

Where is that perfect man to brighten my eyes, make me look less tired, and erase the signs of unrest and a little too much partying.

Benefit helps you find Mr. Bright now with their new Finding Mr. Bright kit. Finding Mr. Bright is filled with the essentials for creating a more brighter, luminous you with step by step instructions and several popular Benefit products to get the job done!

The set includes:

  • Benefit Erase Paste in 02 (Medium)
  • Benefit Posietint Lip and Cheek Stain
  • Benefit High Beam
  • Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

Here’s Steph to show us how to use Mr. Bright

Benefit Finding Mr Bright is available now at

Grab up free shipping using promo code MRBRIGHT.



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Disclaimer: Benefit offers to help you with Mr. BRIGHT not to be confused with Mr. RIGHT who may one day be the father of your children. Please do not e-mail Benefit, stop at your local Benefit counter, or call Benefit asking them about your future husband, they will not help you in this department and may direct you to a dating service. You’ve been warned. ;-D

  • 2/3/11 19:20 bayleysparkagex3:

    i must have this (:


  • 2/3/11 19:47 CinnaBunnie:

    i love your witty humour! haha this kit seems really interesting. love the box!


    • 2/4/11 15:26 the Muse:

      ha cinna ;-D!


  • 2/3/11 20:05 meghan:

    I wish they wouldn’t include concealers, it’s kind of a waste since not everyone is a medium. Although benefit is kind of one-size-fits-all beauty.


    • 2/4/11 21:06 stacie:

      I totally agree! It makes the set worth much less to paler girls. I’ve got 2 sets before both with boing in 2 and I’ve not bought a kit since as it’s a total waste xoxox


  • 2/3/11 20:18 peri:

    how much posie tint and high beam does one need? lol. seems all of their sets have one or both of these in them. im not a big benefit fan, but i think if i was id be extremely disappointed by that.


  • 2/4/11 1:21 BeautyMaven:

    HAHAHA LOVE the disclaimer!!!!!!!!


    • 2/4/11 9:17 the Muse:

      ha beauty maven ;D!


  • 2/4/11 1:58 Christine:

    Can’t really see the difference on her because of the really bright lightening in the video. But I kinda want it.


  • 2/4/11 2:45 Andrea:

    I’m all about brighteners lately (early morning classes and late nights are taking their toll), so this sounds like a great set. I’m loving the concept/packaging – so funny!


    • 2/4/11 9:16 the Muse:

      me too andrea ;D! cute concept totally!


  • 2/4/11 6:15 Therese:

    Aw, the concealers are ALWAYS in shade 02 which is too dark for us pale-ies. Why don’t they offer different colours?!


    • 2/4/11 9:13 the Muse:

      agreed therese as medium makes me look tired 😛


  • 2/4/11 8:33 kiwikiwidragon:

    Why oh why oh why Benefit???? Why can’t you ever do these kits in light and dark? The medium never ever works for me! Boo hoo! I want this so bad yet you have foiled me again….sigh


    • 2/4/11 9:12 the Muse:

      kiwi I always wish they’d have an option for lighter and darker too! 😛


  • 2/4/11 9:02 SARA:

    I hate that Benfit always used #2 products. I’m fair and can never buy the kits :( This one looks fun too!


    • 2/4/11 9:12 the Muse:

      sara I always wish they’d make it in two separate shades 😛


  • 2/4/11 10:48 Janelly L.:

    Adorable concept but I already have similar products or good dupes for them. And I agree with SARA that I am too fair for the erase paste :/


  • 2/4/11 11:47 Vanessa:

    Cute idea! I have to say though, the lady in the video looked flawless and made up to begin with, so it’s a little hard to judge the effects (I mean, applying concealer when her eyes don’t even need it?). That, and I didn’t really notice that much of a difference from beginning to end.


    • 2/4/11 15:16 the Muse:

      true vanessa!


  • 2/4/11 13:22 Maddie:

    Ugh! Now I dont know if I want to buy the Confessions of a Concealaholic or this!!! Argh!!


    • 2/4/11 15:14 the Muse:

      maddie confesssssssssssssions ;-D if you’re a concealer junkie I highly suggest it!


      • 2/4/11 15:57 Maddie:

        I sadly only have one concealer =P
        I have lots of other makeup stuff tho! Yeah I will probably get that one, it has more stuff in it for the same price. Do ya know if Sephora will be getting this?


        • 2/4/11 16:08 the Muse:

          maddie I think so. might take a week or two before they update but you’ll prob see at sephora!


          • 2/4/11 16:22 Maddie:

            awesome =) thanks!

          • 2/8/11 11:32 the Muse:

            my pleasure maddie!

        • 2/8/11 12:36 the Muse:

          not sure maddie! So far Ulta and Benefit have it so I imagine Sephora soon :)


  • 2/4/11 15:17 HautePJ:

    I’m on the other end of the spectrum and can’t understand why Benefit doesn’t make a version for dark skin! Medium is way to light, so I guess only 3 items in this kit will be used. The packaging is so cute though.


    • 2/4/11 15:19 the Muse:

      pj that’s very true alot of darker skin tones can’t take advantage of some of their products 😛


  • 2/6/11 11:27 yuki:

    man! I love benefit products but they are just too expensive for me~~ sighs… It’s considered a high-end department store product here… aiks… everything is like almost RM100 here… sighs… Love this kit! Wanna go try it out~~

    I like the eye makeup the girl is wearing in the vid :) So pretty~~


  • 2/7/11 8:09 Leah:

    I’m blah on this as already got Posie, Erase, Girl and HB… may steal the look though xD


  • 2/9/11 20:24 sarah m:

    i love girl meets pearl and posietint. i only have a sample of posietint and was just going to buy it until i saw this. this seems like a better deal!


  • 3/25/11 9:57 Kay:

    I was totally sucked in by the cute packaging and bought this even though I knew I’d be too pale for the concealer. Really like the usable stuff though, don’t have much Benefit so this has been a good way for me to sample :)


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