DuWop Isla Sirena Collection: DuWop Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides Collection

I wasn’t a typical little girl growing up so my idea of mermaids wasn’t based around Hans Christian Andersen or Disney’s Little Mermaid but more along the geeky lines of Heavy Metal magazine fantasy imagery such as Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo pieces. Honestly, Heavy Metal mag evokes so many geeky memories growing up particularly ones surrounding mermaids. I still read and collect the magazine to this day even though I promises myself a million times that I would finally go through my stash and start selling off older copies, yeah, never happened. Anyway ’nuff babbling about my love of mermaids. I’m hear to tell you about the DuWop Isla Sirena Collection. Things have been a little too quiet for me over at DuWop lately and I hadn’t heard word about their Spring Collection 2011 and I was wondering why…. Now I know why, they have something big in the works it looks like!

According to British Beauty Blogger DuWop may or may not be teaming up with Disney for Spring (or maybe Summer no date yet) to introduce their new Isla Sirena Collection which may or may not be a collaborated effort between the brand and the release of Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides.

The DuWop Isla Sirena Palette contains nine eye shadows, three lip tints, three gel liners, and three brushes.

Three new shades of the DuWop Iced Teas will be released as well themed around Caribbean drinks if you will in flavors Mint Mojito, Butter Rum, and Pink Grapefruit.

New Eye and Lip Duos will also be available entitled Mermaid, Treasure, and Pirate Antique Golden Shells.

And finally the new DuWop Mermaid Mist is an spray on version of DoubleGlow which contains jojoba, aloe vera, lily extract, and vitamins. Two shades will be available in Champagne and Deep.

So what do you think?

The DuWop Twilight Beauty Collection did somewhat bomb for me but I’m kinda feeling the love for their collection. Could be the mermaid theme eh?

But I love the idea of the nine pan palette, it sounds gorgeous!

What do you think?

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  • 2/28/11 10:53 Nunuiviet:

    Woawww I love the transparent jelly look alike lipsticks


  • 2/28/11 10:58 MC:

    The Iced Teas are intriguing to me…I can see right through them LOL. (I’ve never seen completely see through lipstick like balms like this. @_@). I love the shell cases of the duos.

    I wish we could see the inside of the 9 pan palette.


  • 2/28/11 10:59 LorraineER:

    I’ve never heard of the iced teas before, what are they?


  • 2/28/11 11:43 mon:

    Wow those seashells! Too cute for words. I may or may not just buy one for the packaging 😛


    • 2/28/11 19:00 the Muse:

      ha same here mon!


  • 2/28/11 11:52 clementine:

    …I can’t lie, this might be more tempting than the Stila shimmer powder, LOL.



    • 3/1/11 10:11 the Muse:

      lol clem ;-D! and a bottle of rum too perhaps?! 😀


      • 3/2/11 21:32 clementine:

        For srs! Rum-flavored lip gloss, LOLOL, for whenever you feel like a lick of paint thinner.


        • 3/3/11 14:38 the Muse:

          LOL clem!


  • 2/28/11 11:55 Jen:

    Wow, this is some cool lookin’ stuff! I love those lipsticks and the shell shadows.


  • 2/28/11 11:59 Phyrra:

    I’m curious about the lip tints!


  • 2/28/11 12:23 Vanessa:

    Ooh I am totally loving the eye/lip duos with a seashell top!


  • 2/28/11 13:34 isis:

    very pretty. I’m a sucker for quirky packaging. Didn’t clinique do something like the ice teas or did I dream that.


    • 2/28/11 13:44 the Muse:

      mm I don’t remember those isis!


  • 2/28/11 13:53 isis:

    It’s entirely possible that I’m doting. ..that or I’m a prophet :-)


    • 2/28/11 15:40 the Muse:

      lol isis :)


  • 2/28/11 14:50 Susan:

    Oooh! I have to get my hands on one of the lip teas! The eyeshadow colors arent doing it for me, but I love the clamshell packaging! Brilliant!


  • 2/28/11 15:05 Musebeliever:

    I just love it ! *o*


  • 2/28/11 16:03 lara / the glossarie.:

    very intrigued by the palette! i find the iced teas to be useless – but they do look pretty :)


  • 2/28/11 19:18 Melissa:

    most duwop products work well for so I hope this release is sooner then later. The spray is very intriguing. I like the doubleglow product in the jar a lot.


  • 3/1/11 0:11 Anna:



  • 3/1/11 3:42 Helena:

    why does my country not have this brand?! why???


  • 3/1/11 8:38 Annabella Freeman:

    I love the DuWop Iced Tea lip balms and I will defo be getting these!


  • 3/1/11 11:32 Rose:

    I wants it. Now.


  • 3/3/11 17:16 Shari:

    OMG!!! I want it ALL!!!! LOL


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