Guerlain Terracotta Inca Summer 2011

I got the Guerlain Terracotta Summer 2011 deets recently in the mail and a phone call from my Guerlain rep at Neiman Marcus alerted me to the new bronzer powders they have available.

However, I came across the entire collection today!

Let’s peep it!

British Beauty Blogger reports the collection will launch March 27th. I’ve only heard of the bronzing powder release so far in the states. I hope we’ll be getting all these items in the US.

Guerlain Ombre Fusion Cream Eyeshadows (metallic finish)

  • Bahia (pale pink)
  • Havana (bronze)
  • Maya (copper)

Guerlain  Terracotta Lipglosses

  • Mambo (coral)
  • Tango (red)

Guerlain Terra Inca Sublime Radiant Powder (scented with Jasmine and held in a wooden case)

Guerlain Terracotta Khol Kajal

Guerlain Terre Indigo Four Shade Eye Shadow (orange, blue and two tones of brown oversprayed with a gold shimmer)

I have to say the collection looks breathtaking this year and I’m quite excited to swatch and play with it myself.

What do you think?

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  • 2/24/11 16:48 Aimee Pan:

    OMG that eyeshadow! Reminds me of the Cherry Blossom blush which can only be a good thing. It even has that black packaging, though is that a hint of brown i see?


    • 2/24/11 16:50 the Muse:

      Hey aimee long time no SPEAK! ;-D yes quite cherry blossom-like in deeper, richer shades looks like a bit of brown :D!


      • 2/24/11 17:00 Aimee Pan:

        Haha yes it’s been a while! Hope you are well & looking forward to Series 6 of Who!

        Sadly I bet that just like Cherry Blossom this eyeshadow quad won’t be so pretty once you use it and the overspray is gone!


  • 2/24/11 16:49 Cj:

    Ooh new Guerlain goodies! The radiant powder looks interesting plus I’m a sucker for packaging and a wooden compact sounds really cool for some reason lol. And this might be a dumb question but what the heck is the khol kajal… It looks like a dart or some kinda deadly weapon lol


    • 2/24/11 16:49 the Muse:

      LOL it does doesn’t it CJ? ;-D it’s actually eyeliner ;D!


  • 2/24/11 16:50 Larie:

    Oh oh, so gorgeous! Love the powder and the shadow. After telling myself I wouldn’t (because really, who can keep up with their price point?) I bought the Lingerie de Peau…and of course, I love it. Fml.


    • 2/24/11 16:50 the Muse:

      larie same here but I can’t resist………..must have now.


  • 2/24/11 17:32 Alisha:

    OMG I need the radiant powder and kajal! So pretty <3


  • 2/24/11 17:33 Eli:

    Woooooow! That’s by far their best looking LE!


  • 2/24/11 17:41 Joanna:

    Wow! Thanks for the info, Muse. I think I’m gonna puke (in a good way)!

    Can’t wait for this to come out.


    • 2/25/11 10:26 the Muse:

      LOL Joanna ;D! just not on my shoes k?


  • 2/24/11 17:42 Jen:

    The four shade eyeshadow is awesome looking!


  • 2/24/11 17:55 Dollymix8:

    Wow! It all looks so pretty!


  • 2/24/11 19:17 Susan:

    I love the lipgloss packaging and the eyeshadows!


  • 2/25/11 2:44 Asuka:

    Very appealing! Sublime radiant powder with jasmine (!) scent? I’ ll definitely try this one. Hopefully their cream eye shadows won’t crease; otherwise, I wouldn’t need them just for a glossy touch.
    Thanks Muse for preparing us for the future collections, so we can plan a budget on time :)


    • 2/25/11 9:26 the Muse:

      my pleasure asuka


  • 2/25/11 4:52 Musebeliever:

    Such a beautiful collection !!!!
    I should not but I will buy at least the radiant powder…


    • 2/25/11 9:25 the Muse:

      I really want the radiant powder too Muse :D!


  • 2/25/11 8:42 BeautyMaven:

    I am dying to try that eyeliner! I’m so sad I never found the ones that The Body Shop had last fall. =( =( I’m headed to Sephora this weekend– shall have to play!


    • 2/25/11 9:14 the Muse:

      eep doubt you’ll find this at sephora yet Beauty Maven launches late March :)


  • 2/25/11 10:46 Nunuiviet:

    The eyeshadow imprint looks marvellous, but the colours are not my cup of tea. But I like the name of the collection


  • 2/25/11 12:22 Yara:

    Kajal is too thick to be as eyeliner pencil… And how would you sharpen it..?


  • 2/25/11 12:31 Margaret:

    It’s too pretty to use. I would just buy it, take it out from time to time and just stare at it. Especially the palette.



    • 2/25/11 15:16 the Muse:

      lol margaret story of my make up life ;D!


  • 2/25/11 16:41 katrosado5:

    GAW! That eyeshadow gave me goosebumps. That is all kinds of gorgeous! The packaging is devine but I have to wait and see how it swatches before I dive in, if it swatches well for my skin tone I’ll be all over this you can betcha bottom dollar 😀


  • 2/25/11 20:29 K:

    I’m so tempted to buy that powder. I don’t need another bronzer, but the packaging and flower design is cute


  • 3/6/11 23:54 Ru:

    I will be RUNNING out to get the shadow, powder, and kajal, as I’ve learned the hard way (ahem…Serie Nior G blush…) that these type of items run out FAST.


  • 4/19/11 15:32 Peggspark:

    Wow!! I have to have these!! Can you imagine these colors with a tan?! OMG!!!


    • 4/19/11 15:37 the Muse:

      def would sizzle peggs 😀


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