Hard Candy Spring 2011 Collection

Spring is in the air dears with the new Hard Candy Collection for Spring 2011 popping up at your local Walmart. Some of the selections look like great budget beauty picks for the warmer weather. With new blushes, primers, glosses, and even a concealer…there’s a nice line up to get hyped over.

Let’s take a peek!

Hard Candy Fox in a Box Bronzing Duos and Blushing Quads
A highly pigmented multi-color powder compact that will surely bring out your inner foxy lady. Each box contains coordinated shades that blend together perfectly and a custom Hard Candy applicator brush. Sweep across chin, cheeks, and forehead and unleash the foxiness in you!

Bronzing Duo Shades:

  • Truth or Dare
  • Skinny Dipping

Blushing Quads:

  • Hot Flash
  • Spicy and Sweet
  • Smooth Talker

Hard Candy Ginormous Lash Volumizing Mascara Infused with Growth Serum
Now you can have the thickest, fullest, and longest lashes with Ginormous Volumizing Mascara plus Growth Serum. Ginormous Volumizing Mascara has been infused with Growth Serum to promote long-term lash growth, strength and vitality. Apply and watch as Ginormous plus Growth Serum stimulates your lashes to appear longer, fuller, and stronger with regular use.

Shades Available:

  • Black

Hard Candy Glossaholic Sequin Saturated Shine Lip Gloss
One dip covers your lips! Ginormous applicator with gloss cup deposits gloss to your whole mouth in one swipe! These super lustrous lip glosses are infused with prisms of color that make lips appear fuller and plumper. Out of this world hyper-reflective prisms of pearl make lips sparkle like crazy! Feeling tired or wired? Two Glossaholic sparkling clear top coats are infused with mood altering elixirs to help you Chill Out or Rise & Shine! – You can wear alone or as a top coat.

Hard Candy Glow All the Way Instant Bronzer & Gradual Self-Tanner
Improve your tanitude! A tinted, sunless self-tanner that gives you an all over Tropical Tan. The light, airy formula instantly bronzes face and body while the self tanner gradually builds a lasting tan that darkens with time. This light and airy formula moisturizes and will not streak or rub off onto clothes. Infused with 24 carat gold!

Hard Candy Just Face It One Step Foundation
Get perfect skin in one step! This all in one makeup maven is everything you need in 1 bottle. It functions as a primer, concealer, a foundation and dries to a powdery finish. Long wearing formula delivers a beautifully smooth, flawless look with its blendable, buildable coverage. It minimizes pores, regulates oil, and reduces the appearance of fine lines. (Available in 6 Shades)

Hard Candy Lask Ink 4 Day Lash Stain
Mascara that won’t quit until you do. Flatter your flutter for 4 days straight! Hard Candy four day lash stain defies the elements. Paint Lash Ink on and don’t reapply for up to 4 days. Shower, go in the pool, cry, rub your eyes, or get rained on – your lashes will stay flawless no matter the circumstances! Perfect for a weekend away or partying all night long.

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primers
Sheer Envy Primer helps to even out the skin while reducing shine. Improves foundation application while minimizing skin imperfections. Make-up lasts longer and skin is left velvety smooth. Skin Perfecting Primer – A skin tone perfecting primer that brightens dull or sallow skin. Fills in fine lines, wrinkles and pores for a flawless, smooth finish. Gives your face a beautiful, natural color complexion that lasts all day long. Evens out skin tone and diffuses redness and blotchiness. Can be worn alone or under makeup. Illuminating Primer – A purple tinted, light translucent primer that gives a healthy, luminescent glow. Restores skins natural radiance, smooths skin and gives an overall airbrushed look! Can be worn alone or under makeup.

Available Formulas:

  • Skin Perfecting Primer
  • Illuminating Primer
  • Original Primer Formula

Hard Candy Undercover Agent Undereye Brightener & Concealer Duo
Your new secret weapon to disguising and preventing any undereye imperfections! It brightens your undereye area, reduces dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines, and conceals and covers for a perfect finish. Undercover Agent comes in three skin tone shades to blend seamlessly and softly into your undereye area. (Available in 3 Shades)

So what do you think?

I feel like I NEED all the shades of Fox in a Box (LOVE that name) and def want to check out the concealer and the new gloss sounds fabulous (giant applicator a la MAC Wonder Lipglass Yay).

Will you be hauling any of the new Hard Candy goodies?

Hard Candy is available exclusively at Walmart. The Spring Collection should be popping up at your local store shortly.

Share your thoughts on it here!

Learn more at www.hardcandy.com

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  • 2/18/11 10:55 Suzanne:

    Oh dear – I need the blushing quads!


    • 2/18/11 10:58 the Muse:

      me TOO suzanne ;D!


  • 2/18/11 11:19 BeautyMaven:

    That ccncealer is calling my name!


    • 2/18/11 11:25 the Muse:

      mine too Beauty Maven :D!


  • 2/18/11 11:34 Nunuiviet:

    The blushing quad looks like the packaging of benefit blushes


  • 2/18/11 11:40 Jessica Allison:

    Wow, Mass market brands really seem to be stepping up, huh? I wasn’t terribly impressed with my first foray into Walmart’s HC line (the fiber mascara) but I have to admit the luminizing primer is tempting- and the foundation is packaged almost identically to my long defunct HG, Pout. That probably means nothing, but it certainly warrants an investigation!


  • 2/18/11 12:44 breyerchic04:

    4 day mascara has to suck, but I have to try it to see!

    Their pressed bronzer I tried made my skin itch, so I’m scared to use that blush, but oooooooh.


  • 2/18/11 13:03 Jaime:

    Um I’ll take one of everything please! I’m really interested in the lash ink and the undercover brightener/concealer.


    • 2/18/11 13:25 the Muse:

      ha jamie ditto!


  • 2/18/11 13:42 Eve:

    I am intrigued by that lash ink. I would get it only if it dyes the lashes and doesn’t leave on that clumpy mascara feel.


  • 2/18/11 14:02 neutralgirl:

    Hey muse, we already have the glosses and the fox in a box blushes at Walmart and my friend Peri (who u talk to sometimes on here) got the lipglosses and love them! I got one of the blushes and wanted to love it. The color was so pretty, but it smelled badly of cheap makeup so beware. That is probably it’s only downfall. If u can get past that then indulge away!


    • 2/18/11 14:04 the Muse:

      hi neutralgirl! ha you know peri? brilliant! thanks hun for the low down! heading to the evil empire this weekend to check it out if I get a chance thanks hun!


  • 2/18/11 14:43 jenna:

    i’m willing to give the sequin lipgloss a chance. but i’ve tried fiberized mascara, blush, and an eyeshadow duo from HC and with all three products i would swear it was toy makeup if i didnt know better! I could see the product in the pan and yet it refused to apply to my face and remained totally invisible. Frustrating that the packaging and names are freaking cute!


    • 2/18/11 14:51 the Muse:

      aw jenna sorry! shadows are iffy and the blush too. the newer shades of shadows were way nicer than the old duos they did ;-D blush was hard to pick up for me too, kabuki brushes works ;D!


  • 2/18/11 16:28 jeansco:

    the boxed blush and concealer look interesting! hehe..wonder if the boxed blush will be close to being a dupe of benefit?? =P


    • 2/18/11 16:31 the Muse:

      we can hope jean :)


  • 2/18/11 17:07 Mavis:

    yiiiikes! the lash ink sounds sketchy… i dont know how i feel about leaving mascara on for four days! definitely gonna try. LOL


  • 2/18/11 18:09 LorraineER:

    Heee he, the name “Fox in a Box” is too freakin’ cute! Love it! I’ve been steering clear of Hard Candy lately because I was disappointed in my first couple purchases after they moved to Wal-Mart. I want to check out their blushes though and I’m still a fan of their Welcome Matte powder.


  • 2/18/11 19:59 Nicole:

    The foundation and lash tint ARE CALLING MY NAME!
    Muse is to concealer as Nicole is to foundation. I’m obsessed with finding the perfect foundation that will cover well, perfect my acne-prone-but-dry skin, and STAY ON. I don’t have time for touch ups!
    And the lash tint, I have naturally long lashes. I just wish that my pale eyelash tips were dark so I’m like, WOOT. So excited!


  • 2/18/11 21:13 grace:

    pleeeeaseee do a review on the blush, concealer and foundation?
    i would LOVE to see your review on it just cas i love how thorough u are with all ur reviews. :} hehe


  • 2/19/11 1:32 Kaye:

    Those all look awesome! Particularly interested in the concealer and foundation… and the 4-day mascara, but I’ll definitely wait for reviews before buying that one, lol!


  • 2/19/11 10:01 Aging_Beauty:

    FYI: Most all of these are on the Walmart website. I’ll happily pay $.99 shipping to save me a trip into our Wally World! It’s CHAOS!


  • 2/19/11 18:00 Mia:

    I saw this in an ad MONTHS ago. It was written down that it was supposed to come out this previous week (Feb 14th). It’s STILL not at Walmart and I’m so impatient about this. I’m just about dying to get my hands on the concealer & foundation!


  • 2/19/11 21:21 p:

    goodness! i loove hard candy, but the only thing really popping out at me here is the super adorable blush quad! WHERES THE SPRING SPARKLE!?!? also- the bronzer has been at my walmart since at least xmas…or is this a new version?


  • 2/21/11 5:20 Jennifer Lam:

    Oooo, I can’t wait!


  • 2/21/11 10:23 DivaEC:

    Wow! I am excited about the lash ink and the boxed blushes. They look great. I think I will try to find those today. I only have one Hard Candy product and it is a baked bronzer. I have to say, I love it! I have tried many bronzer’s (even high end ones) and their bronzer is fantastic. I can’t wait to give these a try. Thanks for sharing, Muse!!!


    • 2/22/11 16:34 the Muse:

      My pleasure Diva ;-D! Good Luck hunting them out :D!


  • 2/22/11 5:06 Melissa:

    I was interested in trying out the Lash Ink so I ventured to Walmart today and wasn’t able to find it! Maybe it’s too soon, I guess I’ll have to try again in about a week or so!


    • 2/22/11 8:25 the Muse:

      good luck Melissa :)


  • 2/22/11 20:53 Bridgette:

    I rarely go to Walmart, but I feel that I must… Kekeke, save some of those goodies for me~ That concealer/eye brightener looks good, and so does the lipgloss and the blush and the bronzerandthemascaraandthe….. well, I think you get it 😉


  • 2/23/11 11:19 Littlecreek:

    I nabbed the lash ink yesterday. I don’t think I’ll get four days out of it, but I will definatly get two maybe three. Some came off when I used my makeup remover wipe, but I slept with it on and had hardly any raccoon shadows this morning. What little that had rubbed off was easily wiped away. It does not lengthen or volumize (then again it didn’t promise to). Not exacty what I hoped it would be (I really wanted it be a semi-permanent dye), but I did enjoy not having to apply mascara today so I’ll probably use it all up.


  • 2/25/11 13:49 Lisa:

    Just picked up the Lash Ink and it isn’t clumpy at all. I really like how it applied. Now as for the 4 days, time will tell. I saw all of the new products you listed, but the Lash Ink was the only one I got today. I hope it does last a few days.


    • 2/25/11 14:43 the Muse:

      thanks for the deets Lisa ;-D wasn’t sure about this one but sounds promising!


  • 2/26/11 22:12 Penny:

    I wonder if only some Walmarts are getting these? The one near me doesn’t have them yet. I went to two on my trip out of town this weekend and they had the Lash Ink and Fox in A Box displays them but were sold out!


    • 2/28/11 10:46 the Muse:

      penny I believe all of ’em but they are taking a second to pop up :)


  • 3/1/11 18:34 Shelly:

    love all my hard candy products EXCEPT glossoholic rise and shine… the smell is disgusting! The tinted moisturiser is AMAZING though i have light, dry skin and it has great coverage, even enough to not wear foundation over it!
    i wish they sold at cvs or target or sephora too!


  • 5/5/11 11:27 Gidget:

    I adore Hard Candy. I really, really like the “Chill Out” Glossaholic! It smells like vnilla cake, and tastes good too! And it actually works!

    I also got the pink luminizer, which I love!!! And another bottle of Sheer Envy TM, which is one of the best out there, in my opinion!

    I haven’t seen the foundation or the mascaras in the store yet, has anyone tried them?


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