Hello Kitty Big Smile Gloss Review, Swatches, Photos

I’m gaga for Hello Kitty Beauty at the moment. Awww so sweet! Her new Big Smile Gloss is ironic considering my favorite kitty doesn’t have a mouth!

Why no mouth?

It’s because she speaks from the heart!

Let’s check out her new Big Smile Gloss.

A gloss from the new Hello Kitty Beauty Collection available exclusively at Sephora.

The gloss packaging is rarely cute but not so cute you’ll have to be ashamed or shy about pulling it out of your bag for touch ups. It has Hello Kitty’s name on the barrel and a small image of her on the cap. Aside from these cute features, the packaging is pretty basic and resembles a Stila Lipglaze with a click pen design.

Instead of a brush, the gloss sports a rubber tip which fits quite nicely along the contour of my lips. I like the applicator alot and those who feel like brushes are unhygienic will also like it.

I tried out one shade in Watermelon which is a bright iridescent pink. Pigmentation is quite good and you get a nice pop of color with application! The gloss has a strawberry apple-ish flavor that’s quite strong and lovely if you favor a scented, fragranced gloss. The smell is super sweet and hits you in the face on first click.

Formula was sadly not so good in my experience with the product. I’m curious to try another shade as I’m hopeful some of the translucent shades that lack shimmery bits might apply a bit better.

Gloss runs rather thick and super sticky. I’ve made my peace with sticky gloss so that isn’t really an issue for me however those who simply can’t stand such a gloss might wish to avoid.

My main problem with the gloss is it applies splotchy and uneven. Even pressing my lips together didn’t yield a smooth application and the gloss just looked patchy and terribly unflattering.

  • Those who love Hello Kitty!
  • Those seeking a thick, sticky gloss that wears long (the sticky formula allows the gloss to wear long).
  • Those seeking a pigmented lipgloss!

  • Those sensitive to flavor or fragrance (this has a strong scent and flavor).
  • Those who want a gloss that applies smooth and evenly.

I’m actually kinda geared up to purchase another shade of this gloss and see what happens. Watermelon just wasn’t applying so well and the results were bad all around. I love the packaging and pigmentation is fabulous plus the wear time can’t be beat but the application doesn’t really beg any good favors. The price point is equally nice at $16 for a fairly large gloss.

Overall, I think I’ll have to give this another try in another shade and see what happens as the line includes several shades sans shimmer.

Anyone try?

Your thoughts?

Share ’em here!

Available now from Sephora.

  • 2/7/11 22:09 Savannah:

    Pretty but, I think I’ll pass!


  • 2/7/11 22:49 Vijaya:

    I love these glosses. The one thing I really hate about clicky glosses in general are the brushes (a pen gloss would be one of the more hygienic types of glosses if the brush didn’t just saturate the brush at the tip and just SIT there!), and this totally solves that issue.


  • 2/8/11 3:37 Gia:

    I got the light pink one (forgot the name) and I love it! It has some glitter/shimmer in it. But I love how long it lasts and the color! I’m loving the rubber tip and wish more glosses would have this.


    • 2/8/11 9:37 the Muse:

      I agree gia I love the applicator ;D


  • 2/8/11 13:32 Cj:

    Hey Muse! The one I got is in Cherry, It’s a really nice warm pink with no glitter and no shimmer ;D And I love the applicator lol


    • 2/8/11 13:34 the Muse:

      cj I’m in! that must be one of the shades I seen swatches for on Sephora as some appear translucent sans the frosty shimmer bits, I blame the frosty bits for making this a bad application 😛

      WANTS to retry ;D


  • 2/9/11 17:37 Musebeliever:

    I want it !!!
    But Hello Kitty collection is not available in France yet. T.T
    I love the entire collection ! It’s extra cute !
    The same with the Tokidoki collection but still not available in France.
    Sephora be kind to us. *chants, throws salt, avoids black cats*


    • 2/10/11 10:10 the Muse:

      LOL musebeliever ;-D love your nick and hope you see this soon ;-D


  • 2/22/11 21:27 Ruthless:

    I love these glosses, I kind of want them all and agree about the click brush. these are better


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