Kate Somerville Cytocell Eye Cream and Being Human

I’ll be first in line when Kate Somerville introduces her new Cytocell Eye Cream in April.

Let’s have a look!

Kate Somerville Cytocell Eye Cream ($75) will be released in April and promises to diffuse light and reduce puffiness through the use of stem cell technology.

Key word, puffiness. That had me at hello. I suffer from puffiness due to what I believe is eye strain from tech gadgetry, heck, it’s either that or old age. Either way it happens to be one of the things that really bugs me about my eyes and I’m always looking for the next best thing in eye creams to ease that.

Considering what success I had with ExfoliKate I’m taking bets I’ll probably love her eye cream. We’ll see!


Any Kate Somerville fans out there?

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What are your fav eye creams for battling puff?

Btw, any Being Human fans? Season 3 starts on BBC shortly. w00tw000t!

  • 2/15/11 16:51 Sharon:

    Hi Muse! I’ve been hearing such great things about Exfolikate and I’m dying to try it! Do you know any online stores that stock it and have international shipping?


    • 2/15/11 17:01 the Muse:

      Hi Sharon sadly I haven’t a clue. If you’re in Canada, Sephora carries and ships to Canada I believe. Outside of that I’m not sure what other sites ship the product internationally. Perhaps email from Kate’s site directly and see if they would be willing to ship worldwide?

      Hope this helps!


      • 2/17/11 0:20 Sharon:

        Thanks a ton, Muse!


        • 2/17/11 9:31 the Muse:

          my pleasure sharon!


  • 2/16/11 10:19 Mary the Muse Militant:

    When I saw the title of this post I said to myself, I bet she fancies that Irish fellow.
    LOL !!


    • 2/16/11 10:20 the Muse:

      LMAO Mary ;-D yes! but I do love george too, he’s just too darling not to love him, he’s so clumsy and nerd-y 😀


  • 2/16/11 10:25 Mary the Muse Militant:

    NO ! Please not George ! Sorry George, give me a mean looking bloke any time. LOL !


    • 2/16/11 11:35 the Muse:

      LOL mary he’s kinda sexy in his own silly way :D!


  • 2/16/11 12:30 Sara:

    Oh sweet, season three is starting? I gotta make sure we still have the timer set for it!

    Have you caught the US version yet? It’s….ok. The characters fall pretty flat since they were picked on looks alone and the chemistry isn’t really there. I think we’re three or four episodes in now? It’s not too bad at this point, and since I missed most of season one of the original BH it’s not tedious to watch. There are moments of whiny pop music chucked in a little too often. Ah well.


    • 2/17/11 14:11 the Muse:

      yup sara ;-D this weekend I think it is!? ;-D I tivo’ed so don’t know the exact date. I have but…it’s a little flat for me too. Sally is annoying, Aidan is WAY too intense (and over acted), I do like Josh though! He’s goofy and fun. agreed on the pop music, it’s over done and just a pimp for new bands. gimme the BBC version any day 😛


  • 2/18/11 21:57 Sara:

    Seriously, the BBC is where all the good stuff is. I can’t wait for more Inbetweeners!

    Yeah, Josh does seem to be the only one who fits in his role. I keep telling the boy it looks like Josh is dodging bats all the time. He gets all shifty and starts ducking. *lol* Sally is probably the worst. She’s just so…empty? Annie is full of wit and humor.


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