Milani Baked Eyeshadow Marble and Metallic Collection

Walgreens has the new Milani Baked Eyeshadow Marble and Metallic Collection stashed into the general catalog display. I was under the impression they might be LE when I first indulged in December (sorry, I haven’t had a chance to review them or swatch but I’ll get to it soon!) but I’m happy to see they are here to stay. They remind me of French macaroons sitting there on the shelf like that!

  • 2/17/11 15:38 Alisa:

    Oh, they’re so pretty. I had the beach sand & drench in gold in my cart at cherryculture but I took them off. Tried to justify it by saying I have enough eyeshadow already. But I’m going to Walgreens tonight lol. I should wait for a bogo sale, but I can’t. Though with my luck, I’ll buy them this week and there will be a bogo sale next week lol. I can’t wait to see your review/swatches on them!


    • 2/17/11 21:14 the Muse:

      alisa murphy’s freaking law LOL this ALWAYS happens to me. buy it and the next day a bogo comes up WTH!? bad luck!


  • 2/17/11 23:17 reeny:

    these look great! cant wait to see swatches! i really want the purple/lilac one(royalty), looks like a nice fresh color for spring!!


  • 2/18/11 11:18 Mel:

    These kinda remind me of Bourjois cosmetics….


    • 2/18/11 11:26 the Muse:

      mmm a bit mel :)


  • 2/18/11 12:38 telle:

    oh! i hope they will be available here soon..! they look so nice!


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