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MAC Wonder Woman T-Shirt MAC Wonder Woman Bold Babe Tote

MAC Wonder Woman T Shirt MAC Wonder Woman Bold Babe Tote Spring 2011

If you haven’t had your full helping of MAC Wonder Woman quite yet you can indulge in two new exclusive accessories available online only.

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Chanel Introduces Chanel Confidential

Chanel Confidential

Here’s one for the geeky girls! Taking your favorite Chanel cosmetics, Peter Philips creates a daring, never been seen before scenario starring five robots made entirely out of Chanel makeup products.

Watch them fly, jump, and even strike a post in this action packed animation that will be accessible at the end of February on Chanel Confidential, a digital platform dedicated to Chanel Makeup showcasing Peter Philips’ universe and creations.

The brief preview they put up is rather fun and I’m looking forward to seeing more. Hey, my geeky side loves robots so adding makeup into the mix is rather wicked cool!

Check out the review at and stay tuned for more at the end of the month!


Philosophy Apricots & Cream Hand Lotion

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Smashbox Red Carpet Radiance Palette and 2 Brushes Set

Smashbox Red Carpet Radiance Palette 1

Good Morning!

Happy Monday and most important Happy Valentine’s Day! You don’t really need a holiday to spread the love around but I do hope you all have a special someone to share it with be it your best friend, your sister, brother, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband.

Speaking of romantic I was thinking that the Smashbox Red Carpet Radiance Palette was pretty, soft, and full of romantic shades.

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Mally Beauty Poreless Face Defender Review

Mally Beauty Poreless Face Defender 3

You’ll remember the Mally Beauty Mally Poreless Face Defender from my post last Friday. I didn’t review it on my original post because I thought it deserved its own post since it’s such an interesting product.

Let’s have a look!