Stila Garden Bliss All Over Powder

Remind me again I don’t need more shimmery powders?

HSN Beauty scopes the new Stila Garden Bliss Collection with the new Stila Garden Bliss All Over Shimmer Powder. This appears to be a pretty shade of peach beige. The palette is inspired by fresh flowers and has a floral embossed design on the powder.

I already ordered the Stila Garden Bliss Gift Set and now I’m kinda wanting the powder as well but I’m reminding myself that I simply don’t need another shimmery powder.

Say it with me now, “We do not need more shimmery powders…”

Now if we can only make ourselves believe it…..hmm!

Available now at

  • 2/24/11 10:54 courtney:

    soo pretty!


  • 2/24/11 11:10 Dollymix8:

    It looks so cute!


  • 2/24/11 11:57 Biba:

    Oh, my! This is so pretty! I have a drawer full of shimmer powders, higlighters etc. and most of them only because they’re so pretty looking… *blush*


    • 2/24/11 12:03 the Muse:

      ha that’s quite alright biba me too ;-D no shame in our game right? ;D!


      • 2/24/11 13:26 Biba:

        I feel much better now! 😀


        • 2/24/11 13:26 the Muse:

          lol biba ;-D so glad ;D!


  • 2/24/11 15:07 Jo:

    This is gorgeous! But i just wouldn’t wanna spoil it with my brush! Sigh – what to do??!! xx


    • 2/24/11 15:30 the Muse:

      Ha totally can relate jo! but you only live once chica!


  • 2/24/11 15:44 Susan:

    I’m swooning…please pass the smelling salts….


    • 2/24/11 16:14 the Muse:

      LOL susan!


  • 2/24/11 15:56 clementine:

    …Damn it, Stila. x.x

    We don’t need more shimmery powders. We don’t. We don’t.


    • 2/24/11 16:17 the Muse:

      clem see if you can make me believe that k? ;D!


      • 2/24/11 16:18 clementine:

        Maybe if I keep repeating it, it’ll kill the lemming fairies?!


        • 2/24/11 16:22 the Muse:

          I doubt it, but keep trying! I’m going to squeeze my eyes shut when I do it and spin in circles…LOL!


          • 2/24/11 16:27 clementine:

            LOL, GO MUSE GO.

          • 2/24/11 16:32 the Muse:

            LOL! you’re cracking me up ;D! dizzy must stop and buy Stila Shimmer Powder! ;D

          • 2/24/11 16:37 clementine:


            Well, as long as you tell us how it is… ;P

          • 2/24/11 16:43 the Muse:

            haha of course evil girl! ;D

  • 2/24/11 16:32 Krystal:

    Is this going to be available anywhere else?? Or just as HSN??


    • 2/24/11 16:35 the Muse:

      Krysal I imagine Stila and Sephora will get it as well but HSN had the first peek of it. as soon as I get further info I’ll let you know about it.


  • 2/25/11 1:02 auroragyps:

    I was just looking at the Beauty products on HSN the other day. I’m not very impressed with some of their prices.

    I did buy a nice wallet from them almost 10 years ago though. I still use it & get compliments on it all the time. I <3 that wallet.


    • 2/25/11 9:27 the Muse:

      I like HSN for the free shipping they sometimes have on beauty items auro but qvc def wins in the price department :D!


  • 2/26/11 17:42 Laura:

    I think I need the entire garden bliss line! ! I haven’t indulged in any of the palettes yet. If you can believe that. :)


  • 2/27/11 20:33 HautePJ:

    Tre cute! OMG, didn’t Stila just come out with the Kitten shimmer powder? Man, my wallet is crying!!


    • 3/2/11 16:07 the Muse:

      yup that’s them pj ;D


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