Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Crazy for Love Red Berries and Wild Petals Body Mist Review, Photos

I really love Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Body Sprays however I do not like the greasy double mist formula. We’ve been through that before eh? But it’s a great introduction to the new Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Crazy for Love Body Mist.

Crazy for Love is NOT a Double Mist. In my experience with the Beauty Rush range this has only been done once before with the Pool Party Collection.

They REALLY need to do it more in my opinion!

Let’s jump ahead for a peek at Crazy for Love.

Depending how you look at it Crazy for Love can be a great or disappointing experience. Props for the formula which isn’t the typical greasy double mist but merely a body mist. Formula isn’t too strong or long wearing so layering is key here when possible.

The disappointing fact would be it’s kind of a typical Victoria’s Secret scent and doesn’t have anything unique about it. The fragrance contains juicy, succulent, overly sweet red berries as the dominate note. If you like the Beauty Rush Double Mist in Juiced Berry this pretty much smells quite the same which is why the scent could prove disappointing.

Lighter notes of soft, un-nameable florals are included in with the berries but honestly for the most part you’re going to get a heavy duty, tooth ache inducing sweet berryiness and perhaps if you’re nose is extra sensitive you’ll be able to pick up the floral ones.

I liked the scent since I adore sweet fragrances however I didn’t feel it was unique enough to rave really hard about it. One thing I love is the Body Mist formula, I have wishes, hopes, and dreams that Victoria’s Secret will start introducing more of their Beauty Rush Collection in this formula.

Anyone try this?



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  • 2/15/11 10:55 Alli:

    hmmm….interesing. maybe. I have to say that I am one of the few that happen to really like the double body mist..I have it in cupquake, and i kind of love it….yikes! might check this out…


    • 2/15/11 17:11 the Muse:

      alli my sis loves ’em too ;-D you’re not alone. i prefer the body mist, the doubles make me feel greasy ­čśŤ


  • 2/19/11 0:36 Wendy:

    Hi muse. I am new here. I was thinka of getting it. But your right, it may not last long…


  • 10/2/13 13:49 lorna urzola:

    quiero conseguir victoria┬┤s secret beauty rush crazy for red berries and wild petals. Doonde lo puedo encontrar en Colombia?


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