Vivienne Westwood Doesn’t Quite Know Who Emma Watson Is

I enjoyed watching Vivienne Westwood proceed to stumble and trip over a speech she prepared for Emma Watson who received the Elle Style Icon recently. Viv doesn’t technically know who Emma is or Hermione for that matter.

How closeted is Vivienne that she doesn’t know who Emma Watson is? She’s your fellow Brit in Arms Vivienne and a major celebrity in her own right, get with the program!

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I personally always knew Vivienne wasn’t quite on the same planet as the rest of us. That would explain the fact that she hasn’t seen Emma’s face posted on billboards, in magazines, in movies, talk shows, etc….Planet Viv simply doesn’t have all these media options available.

  • 2/16/11 21:21 Ally:

    Wow seriously?? That’s just sad. LOVE Emma Watson though- such a sweetheart! Plus I’m a total HP geek :)


  • 2/17/11 0:56 Christine:

    what a women, love them both!


  • 2/17/11 2:55 Nunuiviet:

    Maybe she’s too old to know her hahahahahah, personally if I hadN’t watch the Harry potter series I wouldn’t have known about her either hahhahaha


  • 2/17/11 3:40 stacie:

    I love that she didn’t know who she is. I never imagined her watching TV or reading papers. She’s too punk for that xoxox


  • 2/17/11 8:58 Tam:

    vivienne rocks, I love how true she is to herself! there’s always a sub text to what she says, and she’s right, why care about celebrities? they don’t even dress themselves, they someone else pick their stuff out for them…


  • 2/17/11 11:07 jenna:

    i don’t think she should have agreed to present the award if she was just going to embarrass her like this and just make a speech about herself. but emma handled it SO well of course!


  • 2/17/11 11:33 donna:

    i LOVE emma. she inspired me to chop all of my hair off. i did it in december, right after I saw the november marie claire. so liberating! 😀


    • 2/17/11 13:59 the Muse:

      that’s brilliant donna ;D!


  • 2/17/11 22:03 Patrizia:

    I don’t think Vivienne should know who Emma Watson is, honestly, who cares? But she shouldn’t have presented the award. Vivienne is a true style Icon though :]


    • 2/17/11 22:07 the Muse:

      no doubt she is patrizia but I thought it was a little rude she presented the award to emma (who had asked that she present it if she won) and proceeded to not know her. ouch! she prob should have refused.


  • 2/18/11 8:12 Isabel:

    No biggie not knowing a celeb (there’s practically a whole big mountain of them) but agreeing to present an award to someone you don’t know is a lil wrong. At least make a small tiny effort to know who that is? =/


    • 2/18/11 9:42 the Muse:

      I concur Isabel :)


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