Avon Healthy Makeup Concealer

Avon extends its Healthy Makeup Collection with a brand new concealer that helps conceal dark circles, fine lines, and other problem areas.

Available in five shades this budget priced concealer ($4.99) features a hydrating, skin loving nutrient formula that keeps skin looking fresh.

Available now from shop.avon.com

  • 3/28/11 23:16 Cara:

    what a steal! $4.99? The reviews look really great as well 😀


  • 3/29/11 14:15 JoleneAL:

    Hmmm, my Avon lady works down stairs in my office, might hit her up for a sample!


    • 3/29/11 14:17 the Muse:

      give us the good word if you try Jolene ;D!


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