Beauty Abroad: MeMeMe Blush Me!

MeMeMe is a British brand which can be purchased at Superdrug. It’s a rather cute brand that has some seriously awesome little dupes for some of Benefit’s popular offerings.

Take a look at my past posts for the MeMeMe Poppy Tint and MeMeMe Pussycat Cheek Stain and you’ll understand what I mean!

Needless to say the brand has come a long way since my original reviews and posts about them and they now have their own website, Twitter, and Facebook accounts plus they ship not only to England but various other countries (just not to the US, damn!).

My most recent lemming from the brand is the new MeMeMe Blush Me! Blushes which definitely have a Benefit going on, I foresee a Coralista dupe in my future!

Check it!

These little boxed bundles of joy are £8.50 and available in four shades, Bronze, Rouge, Coral, and Pink. As you can see they mimic Benefit Powders by coming in a small box with a brush plus a mirror.

The shades aren’t all Benefit-like though as these pack a pigmented punch or so it seems where as most of Benefit Powders are subtle (aside from a select few such as Bella Bamba and Coralista).

I’m interested in checking them out, damn shame they don’t ship to the US so I’ll have to enlist the help of a friend to grab ’em for me. Hopefully MeMeMe sees this post and shows a little shipping love to the beauty junkies in the US.

Whatcha think?

Any Brits try ’em?


Do share!

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  • 3/7/11 19:17 Carrie:

    I definitely want these!! Hope they sell in the US soon.


  • 3/7/11 19:21 Jeweled Thumb:

    I could swear last year All Cosmetics Wholesale said they were going to start carrying MeMeMe in 2011 but it is not to be found on their website (I’ve been stalking). Maybe the deal fell through? Either way, I am lemming these too!


    • 3/8/11 9:32 the Muse:

      really Jeweled? I wonder how she was planning to import it, seems a pain to get it to the US and to resell it.


  • 3/7/11 19:42 mon:

    *le sigh* Those do look lovely. Your mention of MeMeMe in the Hard Candy review prompted me to go on a web search and form a new lemming, the Moon Beam dupe so subtly named Sun beam 😛 I love your posts on foreign brands. It’s so interesting to see what’s popular in other countries.


    • 3/9/11 10:20 the Muse:

      mon so glad to hear you say that some folks hate beauty abroad ;-D I personally adore it!


  • 3/7/11 20:19 clementine:

    I’m currently lemming MeMeMe even harder than Asian brands, LOL… I looked at the site awhile ago, and I wanted one of everything.


    • 3/8/11 9:31 the Muse:

      clem they make some really fun stuff ;-D!


  • 3/7/11 21:39 Josie:

    Ahhhh you’re killing us today!!! First with the L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadows and now these! I want!!!!


    • 3/8/11 9:31 the Muse:

      LOL Josie ;D!


  • 3/8/11 17:38 E.:

    I live in the Uk and have tried some of this stuff at Superdrug. The blushes are very pigmented. I want to get the BeneTint dupe that they do (actually like it more than the real thing)!


    • 3/9/11 10:19 the Muse:

      E I love Pussycat tint ;-D great stuff!


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