Dior Electric Tropics Makeup Collection for Summer 2011

Honestly, for something entitled Electric Tropics, I was thinking Dior Summer 2011 might be something that included some vibrant shades of orange but aside from the nail polish we are looking at some nude, natural shades of color for the warm weather ahead.

Check it!

Dior Ultra-Gloss Crystal Nude
Shades Available:

  • Sweet Peach
  • Luminescent Peach
  • Luminescent Rose
  • Sweet Rose

Dior Nude Healthy Glow Powder
Shades Available:

  • Aurora
  • Sunset

Dior Nude Healthy Glow Fluid
Shades Available:

  • Rosy Nude
  • Honey Nude

Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow
Shades Available:

  • Rose Nude
  • Rosy Tan

Dior Addict Lipstick
Shades Available:

  • Fire

Dior Vernis Electric Tropics Nail Duo
Shades Available:

  • Paradise Pink
  • Electric Tropics Nail Duo in Aloha


So what do you think?

I honestly was expecting some really funky shades but hey, it’s Dior right? Can’t get too crazy now but an orange eyeshadow…I could dig that.

Will you be hauling this when it launches at your favorite counter?

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  • 3/14/11 14:23 Cj:

    I’m liking the light peach gloss, Which I’m guessing is the “luminescent” one. How exactly are you supposed to use the healthy glow fluid? I mean is it like a foundation or like… idk! What a strange product lol


    • 3/14/11 14:43 the Muse:

      believe it’s highlighting liquid bronzer cj ;D prob best suited to place in spots where the sun naturally hits but don’t quote me :)


  • 3/14/11 14:32 Nia:

    I like how bright it is, but as so many summer collections it’s very brown. Depending how paradise looks in real life and light, I might be tempted.
    The glosses look way too sheer for fun.

    Do you happen to know what the healthy glow foundation is? It looks like something to brighten and I am all for this.

    Anything you like? :)


    • 3/14/11 14:44 the Muse:

      nothing for me nia ;-D believe it’s a bronzer highlighter of sorts :)


  • 3/14/11 14:47 Courtney:

    I think this collection is having a bit of an identity crisis. I don’t get the soft, pretty nudes with the super bright nail polish and gloss. Don’t get me wrong, they are all pretty on their own, but as a collection it doesn’t seem very cohesive.


    • 3/14/11 15:01 the Muse:

      this seems to happen alot courtney. when I saw the nail polishes back in January for the first time I was eager to see more from the collection but..I dunno so mismatched?! Understand wanting to contrast softer with vibrant I guess but mmmm makes it a little boring?!


  • 3/14/11 15:47 Sexy Sadie:

    I need to see those palette in sight.


  • 3/14/11 15:48 Sexy Sadie:

    But no lipsticks?


  • 3/14/11 16:26 Aleya Bamdad:

    I love the orange polish. So energetic.


  • 3/14/11 16:41 Jamie:

    Love the polishes!
    I also want to get my hands on the Healthy Glow Powder; I love that design. And I’d love to at least play with the Healthy Glow Fluid. I’m really interested to see how those would work for me.
    Oh, and of course I want to swatch that Rose Nude quint.
    I like the pieces, but I agree that the feel I get from the polish ad definitely doesn’t match the rest of the collection.


  • 3/15/11 9:22 Sarah:

    I think it’s great! Thanks for the pictures. I will admit that the pictures of the girls going down the runway had me thinking there were be lime green, bright yellow and bright blue palette and a palette with red, orange and some other colors….guess I was very wrong. It all still looks gorgeous though. I’m pretty excited about everything.


  • 3/15/11 14:23 Wendy A :):

    And so comes the two words I hate to hear the most from cosmetics companies: Limited Edition.
    Noooo! jajaja
    Hugs :-)


    • 3/15/11 14:58 the Muse:

      ha wendy tell me ’bout it but they use the term alot more loosely lately!


  • 3/16/11 8:23 Esha:

    I think I really really like the collection specially coz I keep my eyes nude and wear bright nail paint. And I am a sucker for packaging and design and think the Healthy glow Powders are to die for.. Might have to splurge a lot this summer.
    I have a quick question. I love the texture of Dior eyeshadows. How would you compare Guerlain eyeshadows to Dior eyeshadows?
    Thanks for the lovely posts Muse..:))


    • 3/16/11 9:15 the Muse:

      my pleasure esha nice to see a fellow dior fan! I feel like Dior shadows have a heavier texture compared to Guerlain. Guerlain is more finely milled, less pigment, and dior feels velvety, more pigmented. The differences are vast between the two.


  • 3/20/11 3:06 Helena:

    I’m loving the glosses, but the eyeshadows look kinda boring for summer!! I’m a bit disappointed because i was expecting something really awesome from chanel and dior especially. The healthy glow fluid looks interesting though!


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