Givenchy Le Prismissime Yeux for Summer 2011

The first image of the new Givenchy Le Prismissime Yeux for Summer 2011 has popped up today on the Beauty Insider.

Looks quite matte so I’m safe. I thought I would want this one but it might be debatable now although I must say it is rather pretty and fun!

I do wish the formula ranged more in the regular Givenchy Le Prisme because those have a soft shimmer and just the right pigment. The matte will probably make me second guess a purchase but we’ll see.

What do you think?

Learn more about Givenchy Summer 2011 here.

  • 3/28/11 10:53 Nunuiviet:

    Don’t know why but I hate matte eyeshadows I always need some shimmers. On then other hand my mum loves them!


  • 3/28/11 13:50 Eli:

    The shades look much more unwearable in the promo pics, but they do seem quite friendly in this photo :) I like it!


  • 3/30/11 14:11 katrosado:

    I think I’m getting a craving for some good mattes here but I’m not sure about these colors or the formulation of these. I’m feeling a bit rebellious and am wanting to buck the current trend of shimmer, sparkle and glitter in makeup LOL :)


    • 3/30/11 16:47 the Muse:

      I love me some sparkle katros ;-D!


  • 4/13/11 23:49 christine:

    it looks as cheap and tacky as a Chinese mass-produced e/s palette to be honest, hope they work and are ridiculously pigmented.


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