Harajuku Lovers G of the Sea Review

G arrived from the Sea yesterday, directly into my mailbox! She was a little damp and she brought a little sand and seaweed with her but for the most part she arrived safe and sound. She’s now living happily on my vanity but I fear she might crave the ocean and leave me soon as she’s only around for a very limited time.

Time to gush and squeal like children as G of the Sea is probably the cutest release from the Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Collection to date!


Isn’t she sweet? Decked out like a little mermaid including shell bikini, G is the perfect little addition to your Summer (or Spring) fragrance wardrobe!

In a surprising twist the other girls in the Harajuku Lovers Collection did not get their own aquatic scent, only G gets the star treatment here but hey, can we maybe expect more like this come Summer? We’ll have to wait and see!

G does a 180 with her newest scent as it’s like nothing released from the brand to date. It’s considerably more softer, more delicate, and very girlish. A flirty, magical scent with citrusy, woody notes.

Although she contains a good deal of fruity notes such as sweet crushed berries and crisp apple I find she leans towards more floral, woody layers with a dominate note of fresh, dewy, soft freesia and just the right touches of pink peony and jasmine. Hints of water lily begins her adventure but she dries down to a soft sensual musk with just the right woodsy underlay.

So soft with touches of sweetness but dominate floral notes make her very innocent, pretty, and flirty.

I find she isn’t as strong, sweet, or fruity as some of the Harajuku Lovers I’ve tried in the past. I also took note she isn’t as strong so if you prefer your fragrances in the lighter realms sans a strong scent, G of the Sea is for you!

She doesn’t have crazy throw but she does have the power to linger on so you can catch faint whispers of her scent as the day progresses.

She comes in a large box decorated with a really cute bottom of the sea theme with little fishes and sand. The box is too cute to toss out!

Overall, I think G of the Sea is a winner. She could prove my favorite Harajuku to date!


Quite Muse Approved for purchase!

Have you smelled her?


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Available for a limited time at Macy’s, www.Sephora.com, and Sephora stores.

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  • 3/11/11 11:33 Vanessa:

    I love the packaging! so cute! I saw somewhere that there was a matching key chain…maybe not!?


    • 3/11/11 11:37 the Muse:

      NOOOOOOOOOOO really vanessa?!


  • 3/11/11 11:51 brici:

    i want her!!!


  • 3/11/11 11:55 Vanessa:
    • 3/11/11 12:01 the Muse:

      ZOMG I need it!!!!!!


  • 3/11/11 13:11 Kel:

    Aww I want to get her and call her Little Farrah Fawcett of the Sea.


    • 3/11/11 13:28 the Muse:

      LOL KEL! haha yea, the bouncy waves and curls eh? ;D!


  • 3/11/11 13:57 kawaiinailart:

    Oh that crab is so sweet! I love it!


  • 3/11/11 16:39 Jane:

    I have this and I love it I don’t have many of the scents from the harajuku Lovers lines since the scents don’t usually suit me but I tried this out while walking around sephora to see how it suited on me and before checking out I went out and got it. This scent has become my go to fragance.


    • 3/11/11 16:39 the Muse:

      Yay Jane ;-D success story! I love it, quite soft and lovely for Spring!


  • 3/12/11 3:00 Anna:

    I got my G tonight. She is just adorable. I thought I wanted the mini G but the big gal is just too cute to resist. So where did that keychain come from and where can I buy one? I LOVE mermaids!


    • 3/15/11 10:22 the Muse:

      anna not sure on the keychain, I NEED one too. Did a little sleuthing and looks like the mermaid print was last year ;-D HOPE sephora gets it this year!


  • 3/12/11 12:00 jackieg02:

    OMG i simply love her.



    • 3/15/11 10:18 the Muse:

      jackie me too ;-D the keychain shall me MINE! ;D maybe nordies?!


  • 3/12/11 16:55 JulieN:

    I wonder if the other ones will be transformed into mermaids… I hope not (even though I am sure they will be cute). It would save me money because let’s face it, I will get them all.


    • 3/15/11 10:17 the Muse:

      LOL julie totally know what you mean!


  • 3/13/11 19:49 Brittany Ray:

    So there are no coconut notes?


    • 3/13/11 20:22 the Muse:

      no Brittany the original has coconut notes. Hope this helps


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