I’m No Genius But Apparently Napoleon Perdis Sheer Genius Liquid Foundation Is


Napoleon Perdis Sheer Genius Liquid Foundation1  

Napoleon Perdis Sheer Genius Liquid Foundation is an ingenious little foundation that ensures luminous, fresh coverage even under high-def lighting.

This little gem has a formula with hydrogel technology that minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and creates a weightless veil of luminous coverage. Sheer Genius is enriched with active ingredients that give the skin a boost of elasticity and moisture. Skin appears polished even under the most intense high-definition technology, but the formula is light enough for everyday use.

Complete genius?

Or just another HD Foundation?

You decide!

Available for a whopping $59 from Ulta.

That super fly high price tag ensures that it has to be special right? 1 oz liquid gold!

  • 3/31/11 13:59 Flower_Puppy:

    Well, the China Doll foundation is $50 and it’s amazing, so $59 doesn’t sound too crazy. I grabbed China Doll when it was on clearance at Sephora, and used it as my wedding foundation. It looked fantastic.


    • 3/31/11 14:00 the Muse:

      hi flower, is china $50???? I always thought it was in the 30 range! ha. I’d pay $100’s if it’s that good ;-D!


  • 3/31/11 15:12 Melissa:

    NP’s pricepoint in general is a little high for me. I feel like when I spend that kind of money it better say Chanel or Dior or at least be comprable quality. I’m thinking of picking up a studio fix powder for the summer. I like the look of foundation but I think my skin eats it or something so at least powder foundations are easy to touch up.


  • 3/31/11 21:44 Comrade Garlic:

    This a line that is just too expensive. I bought some things at Sephora on clearance and was underwhelmed. I’m sure I’ll play with the testers, but I just can’t fork out $59 for NP. Even the NP Set stuff is too expensive.


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