Kat Von D True Romance Angeles Eyeshadow Palette Summer 2011

A new season, a new Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette!

This time we get Angles, a mix of bronze and teals that are sure to please.

Take a look!

The palette contains eight shades and creates a what they deem a smoky eye but for me I felt like it contained some very nice beach-y shades.

You get:

  • Venus (shimmer bronze)
  • Leather (matte dark chocolate brown)
  • Specimen (pearly charcoal grey)
  • Rehab (satin lavender grey)
  • Peggy (bluebird blue)
  • Bukowski (sky blue)
  • Bellbottom (dark demin blue)
  • Morphine (creamy pale blue)

Available shortly from www.Sephora.com

I think I need this one! I like the bronze-y shades alot.


  • 3/28/11 11:48 Marina:

    Specimen looks totally gorgeous. I want this one!


  • 3/28/11 11:58 jess:

    WANT!! This looks so much better than the Truth palette (which, in my opinion, has proven to be pretty difficult to work with). AND NO CREAMS!! HOORAAYYYY!!!


    • 3/28/11 12:07 the Muse:

      jess I THINK there might be one cream hun!


      • 4/9/11 0:33 jess:

        NOOOOO!!!!! Well, this is available on sephora now so i might just have to see for myself. Not so into blues, but with the combo of colors in here, i could def make it work. I’ll try to remember to report back when i get it!


        • 4/12/11 11:41 the Muse:

          looking forward to it jess!


          • 4/12/11 18:02 x3cri:

            i’ve been waiting a while for this to come out… I need to see swatches before i buy it lol 😛

          • 4/20/11 12:23 jess:

            Ok. This palette rules. If you’re into neutral-y shades and/or teal, then this needs to make its way into your makeup bag. Oh yeah, there is a cream shadow (boo) but it’s so pretty (white duo with iridecent blue sparkle) that i can forgive KvD for including it.

  • 3/28/11 16:17 Lorraine ER:

    I wish the cream shadows in these palettes had better formulas b/c they crease (on me) no matter what. Luckily the powder shadows are awesome!! I love her palettes and I can’t wait to see this one in person!


  • 3/28/11 16:51 Lori:

    ohhh i havent been tempted by a kat von d palette in a really long time but this looks gorgeous! I hope this one doesnt include those cream shadows — they dried out really quickly!


  • 3/28/11 19:24 Stellar:

    Gorgeous colours! Must get!


  • 3/28/11 23:28 Melissa:

    I skipped the last one so this one shall be mine – seems fresh and not so blah


  • 3/29/11 8:49 Jen:

    Nice! Yet another palette I need to get. I need another set of eyes lol!!


  • 3/30/11 1:33 peri:

    much prettier then that last one she came out with.


    • 3/30/11 9:08 the Muse:

      agreed peri!


  • 5/9/11 16:31 Kate:

    Wow…ANOTHER KVD palette? She really keeps crankin’ em out!

    I am a huuuge fan of her makeup. I own every single palette she’s ever made (brand-whore much?! haha!) and I just might have to get this one.

    I didn’t want to get Truth but I ended up buying it anyway….it is a big of a pain to work with as others mentioned but I still love the shades and how well they blend together. I wish I could cure my addiction for KVD b/c there are so many other brands out there that I want to try haha. 😡


    • 5/10/11 11:57 the Muse:

      kate you’ll like this one it’s quite nice. I didn’t want truth either lol but got it anyway ;-D!


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