Kevin Beautymaker Vin Vin Intensive Hydrating Sheet Masque Review

I have a big crush on Kevin Beauty Maker. He’s a Taiwanese makeup artist that creates a range of cosmetics and skincare that really rock my world. Seriously, the man created one of my favorite concealers in this known universe, he deserves some props!

I’ve reviewed some of the Kevin Beautymaker Vin Vin Skincare Collection before but today I thought I’d tell you about one of my favorite sheet masks from the collection.

Let’s take a peek!

A moisturizing sheet mask from Kevin Beautymaker.

These come in a five box set for around $10. I had a friend get them for me off of but one of my favorite shops, Imomoko, sells them for $17 ouchie!

I think the packaging might catch your eye first as it’s a delicate, princess-y pink, inside you’ll five individually wrapped sheet masks.

The masks have a strong Victorian rose scent. I personally adore the smell of the VinVin range however be aware if you’re sensitive as this might not be the mask for you. The masks are a hydrating blend of hyaluronic acid which is one of my number one picks for not only moisturizing my skin but also sealing moisture in. If anyone says that hyaluronic acid doesn’t work, they lie ha! I love it, my skin loves it, and it really does seal moisture in creating a good barrier on drier skin.

These are highly hydrating and I can feel the effects quite a few days after use. Each mask is saturated heavily with essence but not so much so that they are dripping down your face, hey, some Asian sheet masks are like that! They do make my face somewhat sticky and tacky after the dry down but following up with moisturizer helps ease this feeling.

If you’ve never used a sheet mask before they are basically a strong cotton cloth saturated with essence or lotion that you lay over your face. They are contoured like a mask with cutouts for your face and eyes. You simply sit around with the mask on for anywhere from 15-30 minutes and proceed to enjoy the soothing, relaxing effects of the mask.

These particularly masks are for those wanting a boost of moisture but there are dozens of others which brighten, address wrinkles, acne, etc….

Sadly, jacked up prices, airmail, and tracking these down online could prove painful so if you aren’t interested in online shopping you might be out in the cold as the product isn’t readily available for purchase locally.

  • Anyone who enjoys sheet masks.
  • Anyone in need of a boost of extra long term moisture.
  • Anyone who likes the soothing scent of true rose.
  • Dry skin types!

  • Those unwilling to deal with online shopping and airmail costs (this is a Taiwanese product that isn’t readily available to buy in stores).
  • Anyone sensitive to scented skincare products.

These are one of my fav masks so I did want to share the joy. I continue to buy them because I experience long term moisture from them and that’s just what the doctor ordered for my dry, dull skin!

If you don’t mind paying a bit more you can get these at, I’m not affilated with this site but I’ve purchased from them before and highly recommend them due to their quick turn around in shipping and decent prices on SOME items.


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 3/8/11 21:50 Jojo:

    How do these compared to the Beauty Diaries? I personally love the beauty diaries. Thanks Muse!


    • 3/9/11 10:15 the Muse:

      Hi JoJo, beauty diary is a fav of mine too. Not any big difference aside from the scent and they also fit the contour of my face a bit better than TBD as I always feel like TBD is a bit too big sometimes


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