Les Fleurs D’ete de Chanel Chanel Makeup Collection Summer 2011

Today we get a very lucky look at what Chanel has in store for Summer 2011.

The girls at Beaut.ie share some delicious images from the upcoming Les Fleurs D’ete de Chanel for Summer 2011. Beaute.ie proclaims the date of May 20th for this launch but I imagine we’ll see it a little sooner in the US.

The colors of the nail polish look damn nice even for self confessed non-nail girls like myself. Beige Petale is a pink nude, Mimosa is a shimmering yellow gold, and Morning Rose is a mid-tone pink.

Soleil Tan de Chanel is a new bronzing blush which will be available in Bronze Rose and Bronze Corail. Hopefully we’ll get both shades here in the US. These kinda remind me of my all time favorite bronzer blush which is the Dior Bronze Harmonie de Blush.

Three new Levres Scintillantes glosses will be available in Aurore is a light peach, Pink Peony a bright, shimmery pink and Pensee a coral.

Beaut.ie reports there will also be a shadow quad and a metallic waterproof eyeliner!

Looks like a rather gorgeous selection.

I feel like I need all of it.

Please keep in mind the collection is subject to change when it reaches the US as this info is take from an Irish Beauty Blog.

  • 3/2/11 9:54 ioanna:

    gorgeous! i can’t wait!


  • 3/2/11 10:11 imoutofit:

    Oooh pretty! I’m really not digging the nail polish but I’m very intrigued about the blush/bronzer and the lip gloss!

    My wallet is going to hate me when the collection comes out in May :(


    • 3/2/11 10:16 the Muse:

      me too imout ;-D I need the bronzer 😀


  • 3/2/11 10:13 Kristina:

    I’ll skip the yellow polish but everything else looks lovely!


  • 3/2/11 10:18 Aleya Bamdad:

    I love the lip gloss colors! Can’t wait ti try them out.


  • 3/2/11 10:22 Vanessa:

    Totally lemming the lipglosses!


  • 3/2/11 10:56 kawaiinailart:

    I can’t wait to see the swatches it all looks beautiful


  • 3/2/11 11:17 katrosado5:

    (thud) I just fainted dead away! Oh my goodness so soft and delicate. I can tell I’ll be ordering quite a bit of this summer collection.


  • 3/2/11 11:24 Andrea:

    So pretty! These colors, more than any other collection I’ve seen so far, have me dreaming of summer. I’m lemming just about everything!


  • 3/2/11 15:14 Susan:

    Beyond gorgeous!


  • 3/2/11 18:37 Melissa:

    whew – a couple months to save. I’m not sure about the bronzer, its usually a skip for me each season, but the glosses and nails – sold.


  • 3/3/11 2:04 neutralgirl:

    All of it looks gorgeous, even the yellow polish!


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