Les Fleurs D’Ete de Chanel for Summer 2011

Les Fleurs D’Ete de Chanel for Summer 2011 7

Even more images of the Les Fleurs D’Ete de Chanel for Summer 2011!

Les Fleurs D’Ete de Chanel for Summer 2011 9

Les Fleurs D’Ete de Chanel for Summer 2011 8

Les Fleurs D’Ete de Chanel for Summer 2011 6

Les Fleurs D’Ete de Chanel for Summer 2011 5

Les Fleurs D’Ete de Chanel for Summer 2011 4

Les Fleurs D’Ete de Chanel for Summer 2011 3

Les Fleurs D’Ete de Chanel for Summer 2011 2

Les Fleurs D’Ete de Chanel for Summer 2011 1

I’m quite excited now. The model looks positively radiant. I wish I wasn’t such a heavy handed makeup user and could apply makeup so lightly on my eye, I love the combination of a pink highlighter and the very super soft green on her lid. It’s stunning! I wasn’t sure about the palette before as the shades looked very Fall but seeing the promo image I’m quite chuffed.

Collection info isn’t readily available and the release may differ slightly once it hits the US but for now this is a great start to wet our appetites for Summer.

Your thoughts?


  • 3/15/11 20:55 Amy:

    The lip color in the picture is gorgeous. MUST HAVE!


  • 3/15/11 21:49 Marle:

    Amy, I was thinking the same thing! It looks like such a fresh, natural color.


  • 3/15/11 22:03 Jessie:

    Someone please tell me whats the shade for the nails and lips. It’s gorg!


    • 3/24/11 22:30 Kat:

      No idea what the name of the lip product is but the nail polish is called Morning Rose. :)


  • 3/15/11 22:22 katrosado:

    It’s all gorgeous! I wish I could purchase every item! Is that a blush or bronzer/blush? I really love the top one or do you think it’s the same product just variances in the colors of the photos? Gosh but that is pretty. Love to see how that apricot colored blush applies!


    • 5/20/11 15:38 the Muse:

      hey katros bronzer hun ;-D with a bit of blush thrown in looks lovely ;-D


  • 3/15/11 23:20 Kahani:

    Oh sweet lord. That pink lipstick and the nails! Darling Muse, PLEASE ask Chanel for that shade’s name!!


    • 3/16/11 9:20 the Muse:

      soon as I know I’ll post kahani ;D


  • 3/16/11 0:48 Dovey:

    I love the model’s picture, the glosses, and lilium, but nothing screams must have … yet. I’ll have to see swatches first =) I was secretly hoping for a summery lipstick, so I am a tad disappointed!


  • 3/16/11 3:25 Nia:

    The brown in the palette looks like a very special colour on the promo pictures. And the pink bronzer is very tempting as well.

    Hope we get to see swatches soon :)


  • 3/16/11 3:52 Lauren:

    I agree, I looove the colour the lip and nail model is wearing!


  • 3/16/11 7:16 Jennifer:

    I love the look of the yellowy coloured nail polishes! The lipgloss in the promo looks nice too. Excited!


  • 3/16/11 9:57 Heather:

    Amazing. Do you know if the quad is going to be baked in the European style or have the US square shaped pans?


    • 3/16/11 9:59 the Muse:

      No info on it yet Heather but as soon as I know will give the word :)


      • 3/16/11 10:48 Heather:

        You’re the best! :)


        • 3/16/11 11:01 the Muse:

          aw shucks heather ;D!


  • 3/16/11 12:00 The Mighty J:

    Hmm too light for my taste but the glosses should be good! Well I am hoping they will be pigmented and not too sheer. Will probably pass on the rest. Thanks for the update though!


    • 3/16/11 12:12 the Muse:

      my pleasure J ;D!


  • 3/16/11 12:06 MM Curator:

    Thanks for the images! I must have the yellow nail polish and all the glossimers. :D


    • 3/16/11 12:11 the Muse:

      my pleasure MM!


  • 3/16/11 12:10 Candee:

    I cannot wait to get my hands on Mimosa!


  • 3/16/11 14:21 Wendy A :):

    Really pretty especially because It sems that some makeup companies make very hash tones of pink and coral in the summer but these have a rosey color to them and the look seems soft and natural.
    Me Likey.


  • 3/16/11 21:23 Musebeliever:

    Positively living it ! I love the coordination of colours of the promo pictures. Specially the nail polish and the lips. They work really well together !
    I need the pink nail polish !


  • 3/23/11 13:40 Anna:

    I can’t wait to buy all these beautiful makeup……gnam gnam….I need the lip glosses, the nail polish, the eye shadows…I need all the collection….!
    …..I love the shades so radiant and so delicate…….perfect for the sunny days of summer ! Thanks muse for keeping your followers always so informed!


  • 4/23/11 21:18 jukipa:

    anyone know the name of the model ? :P


  • 5/7/11 9:42 wendy lieberman:

    for jukipa, the model is polish, she’s called “jac”, monica jackiak (no, that’s not the correct spelling) anyway if you google jac, you can find her website/ fan page. please i need the wonderful muse’s help!!!! no matter what anyone says, her lip colour is not gardenia with pink peony on top. watch the video on chanel.com. i’ve “examined” it forever…her lips match her nails. if you own morning glory, you know that it’s a sheer, almost milky pink. very pale. i contacted chanel and then they said it’s magnolia lipcolour over pink peony. well, magnolia was from holiday and it was limited edition. i think it could be an extrait de gloss??? i’m going to the chanel counter today to try to match. i’m very frustrated by this! for most people it’s alot of money to invest in this collection. could you make any suggestions? thankyou very much!!! xo p.s. on may 9th, chanel will have a cruise/resort show (i can’t remember the name) don’t you think it will be interesting to see what colours the models will be wearing??? something new???


    • 5/13/11 13:33 the Muse:

      hi wendy that’s what I heard from my rep, that’s the same combo she rec’ed. I seen the cruise/resort images, did you? They are very fresh and natural looks ;-D me likey!


  • 5/18/11 18:01 jenny:

    what is it museee????
    we need your help!


    • 5/20/11 14:12 the Muse:

      hey jenny we actually discussed in the comments ;-D read back hun!


  • 5/22/11 17:01 Jessica:

    Muse, I got some of the collection yesterday and I’m really surprised but it all because well, it’s not my usual stuff (color wise,etc)
    The bronzer, I’m not a bronzer person at all, in fact, I probably make you look tan. I love my paleness. Anyways, I got the Bronze Rose and it was brilliant for contouring and giving me that little bit of color without saying “I’m wearing bronzer” which was shocking because I can never pull bronzer off. There’s also enough of the pink color to use it seperately and dust it on my apples.
    The shadows, I wasn’t impressed with until I started playing with them. As we’ve talked about before, I used to be anti-neutrals now I can’t get enough of them to the point where when I try to wear something brighter it just looks wrong. This gave me that balance, the colors layer beautifully and give me that light-brightness without being too out there, and without looking like oh go back to the neutrals already.
    I’ve been wearing the glossimer in Pensee and am really loving it.
    Again, this collection was a great surprise for me. I can’t believe I almost over-looked it.
    Off to try the Mimosa polish on my nails.
    Sorry for the rambling!


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