Mickey, I am your Father!

A silly sovereign from Emerald City Con.

  • 3/7/11 22:45 MC:

    The whole Disney Star Wars set is cute. :) When I went to Celebration V (Star Wars con) last summer in Orlando, my boyfriend and I were thinking of getting an R2D2 wearing Mickey ears while at Disney world..it was sooo cute, but alas, we ended up getting a Boba Fett Mr. Potato Head instead (and a million things at Celebration including a stuffed Wampa with a detachable arm lol) :)


    • 3/8/11 11:04 the Muse:

      OMG r2d2 mickey ears! want MC ;-D ha! I have a vadar potato head that I got from NY CC a few years ago, LOVE!


  • 3/7/11 23:29 Krys:

    Hahahahaha that is awesome!


  • 3/8/11 7:14 Isabella Casser:



  • 3/8/11 9:57 Courtney:

    OMG, too funny. Where did you find this? Are there other characters?


    • 3/8/11 10:39 the Muse:

      I got it at a con this weekend Courtney. Yup, they have miss piggy as leia (not slave girl leia, damn lol), Rowlf as Chewy, kermit as luke, etc…;-D



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