NP Set Say Goodnight Night Cream Review

NP Set Say Goodnight Night Cream is one of several new skincare products that recently launched as part of the NP Set Target Collection.

Anyone see the new NP Set Skincare at their local Target yet? I saw the display several days ago and was curious about the cleanser. I have been testing out the Night Cream and so far I like it.

Let’s take a look!

A night cream that features softening shea butter, proVitamin B5, ad Vitamin E!

This is $29 for 2oz so it’s not exactly cheap however it does have good quality to back it up. The formula is a jelly-like texture which absorbs super quickly into skin and leaves behind a smoother, hydrated finish. As a night cream it works a treat as I wake up feeling nicely moisturized in the AM after use.

I think the texture will appeal to many as it isn’t heavy, thick, or extra rich which is rare for a night cream. It absorbs in a hot second which I absolutely love. It should work well for most skin types as it won’t make oily skin feel greasy and it has just the right amount of moisture for drier skin types.

The moisturizer comes in a screw top jar in a bright blue design, quite funky and fun looking however dipping into the actual product could make those worried about bacteria a bit wary. The moisturizer sports a lightweight, fresh scent, kinda shampoo-like in my opinion. It’s pleasant but sensitive types might wish to unscrew the jar in store and take a little sniff prior to heading into their purchase.

I’d call it a basic night cream and I think it would be best suited to those in their very late teens and early twenties who aren’t concerned about anti-aging ingredients. It performs quite nicely for what it is however the lack of anti-aging ingredients makes it a better option for a more youthful skin type in my humblest.

  • Younger skin!
  • Those interested in a not quite budget moisturizer that offers a good deal of hydration in a lightweight formula that absorbs super easily.

  • Older skin seeking anti-aging ingredients.
  • Those who prefer squeeze tubes for their moisturizer.
  • Sensitive types (the fragrance could be off putting for some).

Overall, NP Set Say Goodnight Night Cream proves a rather nice little basic moisturizer for those seeking a not quite budget skincare item for nightly use. The fast absorbing, lightweight texture is a joy to work with and leaves my skin feeling quite smooth yet the lack of anti-aging ingredients is a little bit of a deal breaker for me.  I do think it makes a nice in between moisturizer for days I just want a lightweight moisturizer sans all the bells and whistles, particularly good for days when my skin is stressing out.

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