Paris Hilton The Passport Fragrance Collection

Anyone see the new Paris Hilton The Passport Fragrance Collection? Granted, no love loss between Paris Hilton and myself but props for a cute fragrance collection plus I’m woman enough to admit that some of her stuff is pretty good eh?

Each of the three fragrances in the Paris Hilton Passport Fragrance Collection is inspired by various cities around the world.

Let’s have a look!

The Passport Fragrance Collection Paris
Paris is enchanting and innocently flirty. “It’s as perfect for a shopping spree with my BFF as it is for a romantic evening lit by the glow of the Eiffel Tower.” says Paris Hilton of Paris, her namesake fragrance. Dazzling and enticing fruity top notes – Sparkling Mandarin, Red Berries and Golden Peach – are a delicious flirtation. The heart of the fragrance truly opens at night as exotic Arabian Jasmine embraces soft, sultry Honeysuckle and velvety Peony. Sexy Amber gets a liquid lift from Vanilla, White Patchouli and Creamy Musk as the fragrance eases into easy elegance mirroring the City of Light’s transition from daytime charm into evening allure.

The Passport Fragrance Collection South Beach
South Beach is blonde and beautiful. Says Paris Hilton, “South Beach is one of my fave hot spots: it’s sexy, vibrant and so much fun. This fragrance is totally bikini-ready!” All about playful days and magical nights; fresh and seductive, this fragrance teases with voluptuous notes of sweet, juicy Nectarine. Cool and sheer, luminous Lotus Flower notes awaken the senses while a bright, sunny splash of White Freesia invigorates the heart of South Beach. The sun’s energy radiates from the bright, golden Marigold flower at the heart, but it’s the summery note of Jasmine Sambac and the floral-fruity essence of Osmanthus that offer the promise of warmth no matter what the season. As the sun goes down and the fragrance lingers, the essence of modern sensuality is bared: Blonde Woods and Australian Sandalwood connect with Captive Musk.

The Passport Fragrance Collection Tokyo
Tokyo is cool and cute. “Tokyo is amazing…sparkling, pulsing with energy,” observes Paris Hilton about this beloved destination. “It’s graceful and beautiful, just like my fragrance.” Sweetly radiant, bright citrus notes of Italian Lemon give a proper edge to Tokyo’s welcoming notes of crisp Fuji Apple. Expressing the delightful charm of this brilliant city, subtle watery Frangipani and lush White Jasmine are offset by the delicate scent of French Iris and the girlish freshness of Mediterranean Orange Flower. As the fragrance evolves, a luscious golden glimmer emerges as clean Musk, sensual Sandalwood and Golden Cedar dazzle like the twinkle of Tokyo at night.

I haven’t had a chance to stop and sniff these well actually I did briefly at Macy’s about two weeks ago but it was really fleeting because I was rushing to meet someone for dinner.

I normally like really girlish, sweet fragrances and these look rather adorable. They are probably meant to appeal to a younger women than myself but I have a slight obsession with anything cute and these fit the bill.

They feel very Harajuku Lovers to me, dontcha think?

Each 3.4 oz bottle is $45 or the smaller 1 oz is $25.

The collection is available now at Macy’s not sure who else will be carrying it but I’m sure it’ll pop up at your favorite counters.

What do you think?



  • 3/8/11 12:22 Diane:

    I’m not a huge Paris Hilton fan but these are cute. I can’t see myself buying them for me, but I could see buying these as a gift for someone like my younger neice.


    • 3/8/11 12:25 the Muse:

      I’m not either Diane ;-D but yup def love the cute vibe and honestly prob would totally buy for myself, I’m such a kid at heart ;D


  • 3/8/11 12:25 Jen:

    The Paris Hilton aspect is a bit of a turn off… I don’t like the packaging.


  • 3/8/11 13:21 Kristina:

    Big Nay for me. I can’t stand Paris Hilton and I’m not giving her a dime.


  • 3/8/11 15:08 Cj:

    I know I’m gonna be in the minority here but I actually like her lol ;D Us blondes gotta stick together! 😛 The Paris and Tokyo ones sound really good


    • 3/8/11 16:49 the Muse:

      hehe CJ! she has her moments ;D!


  • 3/8/11 16:03 Lori:

    2nd Kristina! She’s not getting diddly squat from me


  • 3/8/11 16:09 Fey:

    Definitely cute, (and I think Paris Hilton is cute too–especially in Repo The Genetic Opera), but I am not a big fan of her fragrances. They always have too much going on in them. Way too many notes that have a tendency to clash rather than blend together. That being said, I’m picking up the Paris Passport Fragrance. Toooo cute.


  • 3/8/11 16:18 Miss D:

    Oh my…these are so kawaii! I haven’t sniffed them myself, but hopefully at least one will smell good- I’d love to purchase. :)


  • 3/8/11 17:53 Jessica:

    I was given these a few days ago as a gift. Dare I say I actually adore them? Sure, the Paris aspect might, and probably is turning a lot of people off from trying them but they really are nice. I actually prefer the scent of these over my Harajuku Lovers fragrances. *Goes and hides*


    • 3/9/11 10:18 the Muse:

      jessica don’t hide, ;-D no shame girl! Honestly, I wouldn’t forsake a good scent just b/c it’s Paris Hilton! ;D


  • 3/8/11 17:55 Brooke:

    I was thinking Harajuku Lovers when I saw the picture, too!
    I actually liked one of her other fragrances…I think it was the first one that she came out with because I was interested to see what Paris Hilton’s idea of a nice smell was (I was thinking cocaine and bathroom stall). Come to find out, as much as I didn’t want to like it, it didn’t smell bad at all.
    I may have to check these out. Do they have more of a ‘perfume” smell or more “body splashy” side to them?


    • 3/9/11 10:18 the Muse:

      LOL cocaine and bathroom stall omg brooke haha! I haven’t really tried fully yet I only brief sniffed when at macys and call recall the notes at all ;D!


  • 3/8/11 17:57 LK:

    The drawings are kinda cheap-looking. As if they tried to make it look sort of like an anime/manga inspired character, but it turned out wrong…


  • 10/23/11 15:38 Kim:

    I know this review is an older one, but let me tell you Muse. I found this set last night at Gordman’s & it was love at first sniff! I totally love these, I like these much better than any of her other fragrances, & I’d never even heard of them until yesterday! I like Paris & South Beach the best. So happy to have found these!


    • 10/25/11 9:52 the Muse:

      kim sounds lovely ;-D def have to try! they have a set of three at macys for the holidays so a good excuse for me to indulge ;D!


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