Philosophy It’s a Party Shower Gel

Happy Birthday Philosophy!

It’s Philosophy Birthday and they are celebrating in style all month long!

For their first gift they are presenting their It’s a Party Shower Gel for $15. This is actually the Fresh Cream Shower Gel so you may already own it. Not sure why they went with that scent for their birthday shower gel but hey it’s a new label and it’s a mere $15 bucks if you want it!

Enjoy Free Shipping using promo code BDAYSHIP (ends 3/2).

Shop it now at

I’ll keep you posted of the deals as they pop up this month! Hopefully they have a percent coupon coming up as I have to stock up on some Miracle Worker goodies, I’m running low!

  • 3/1/11 13:10 Irene:

    They went with the scent b/c it was chosen by facebook friends as a scent to bring back. It was a month or so ago, I think?


    • 3/1/11 13:55 the Muse:

      yup I noticed that Irene but it was a weird one to pick 😀 I never thought Fresh Cream was all that special?!


  • 3/1/11 15:37 Donna:

    I already have a nearly full bottle of fresh cream, so I won’t be buying this. I bought it unsniffed on a whim, but it’s turned out to be one of my favorites. I like mixing it with other scents like Have a Cherry Christmas and Carrot Cake. I also have the Sweet Cream Frosting, but I like Fresh Cream much much more. It smells like sweet butter. Yummmmm.


    • 3/1/11 15:54 the Muse:

      oh donna interesting gonna try that as I always felt like fresh cream was kinda uneventful maybe with a little cherry it’ll prove nice ;-D I like mixing peppermint with cinnabuns and cherry christmas, delightful 😀


  • 3/1/11 16:31 Carrie:

    I’ll probably pick this up, especially with the free shipping! I like fresh cream as a “mixer” with my other philosophy gels- I rarely use it on its own. It goes great with bananas foster!


    • 3/1/11 16:33 the Muse:

      carrie new lease of life on my fresh cream as I have it buried under a ton of other scent gotta try it with banana fosters ;D!


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