Philosophy Sugar Chick Shower Gel Review

Marshmallow chicks are the devil’s work. You know, those little sugary marshmallow concoctions that can probably survive Armageddon. Their slowly taking over the world, seriously, at one time they were an Easter thing only but now you’ll see Halloween ones, Christmas ones, Thanksgiving…they plan to rule the universe one day and you and I will be their little minions.


I personally do not like the taste of ’em and I do believe they are evil, sincerely, but I have no aversion to a marshmallow sugar chick shower gel!

Check it!

Philosophy gifts us with an entirely new side of those evil little marshmallow chicks! Meet Philosophy Sugar Chick a whimsical cocktail of sugary marshmallow chicks with a dash of tart lemon.

Hello, you NEED this one!

This takes the marshmallow chick to an entirely new level with a heavy sugary note, hints of billowy marshmallow, and just the right touches of lemon sugar. It’s cake-y, almost pie-like as in lemon meringue pie but heavy doses of sugar keep it in the realms of a feel good fruity scent.

I love it.

Happy Sigh of Joy!

I think I need a back up before it’s gone!

If you love sugary lemony scents, this ones for you plus it’s fat free.


You NEED it!

Muse Approved for purchase!

Available now at and

Or get the three pack that includes this scent plus Orange Jelly Bean and Chocolate Bunny Shower Gels, you know, no Easter basket is complete without chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks, and jelly beans!



Happy Spring!

Anyone get it yet?

Love it?

Do share!


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  • 3/14/11 19:39 Marle:

    Oh, that sounds divine! I’ve never tried anything from philosophy before, and I might have to make this my first purchase :)

    That chick with the bow is SO CUTE!


    • 3/15/11 9:59 the Muse:

      oh marle this would make a great 1st purchase ;D!


  • 3/14/11 20:32 Carrie:

    I got it and love it!! I’ve been using it every day since I got it, which is unheard of because I always switch up my phil gels. I need a backup, but I may just purchase the 3 pack to get the other scents!


    • 3/15/11 9:58 the Muse:

      carrie debating on a full size backup myself or the three pack…choices, choices!


  • 3/14/11 20:46 Dovey:

    I love sugar chicks! Come to think of it, they’ll be coming out soon, won’t they? The scent sounds right up my alley too. mmmm…


    • 3/15/11 9:57 the Muse:

      oh dovey they’ve been out since Feb around here lol they rush holidays crazy like ;D!


  • 3/14/11 20:49 Kawaii Nail Art:

    ummm chocolate bunnies!


  • 3/15/11 0:18 Ally:

    Yes I got both the Lemon and the Jelly Bean..and I LOVE them. I actually like the Jelly Bean one a little better. The Chick one smells a lot like Bath and Body Work’s Summer Lemon Vanilla to me. But I do really like it. I also went a little overboard and got the smaller sizes because I am an Easter fanatic! Now I am patiently waiting all of Bath and Body Works and Lush’s Easter stuff so I can blow yet another paycheck!!!


    • 3/15/11 9:51 the Muse:

      ally I got Hello Sugar from it, did you eve try that from BBW? YAY ;-D! hehe!


  • 3/15/11 9:43 Kristina:

    I wanted this so bad until I smelled it. Who is the crazy individual that decided to make this shower gel smell lemony? Normally I love sugary lemon scents, but that is NOT what a sugar chick (marshmallow peep) smells like. Furious.


    • 3/15/11 9:49 the Muse:

      I like it Kristina ;-D it’s more lemony sugar marshmallow ;-D normally marshmallow chicks don’t really have much of a scent anyway so this is prob philosophy’s interpretation of that scent ;D!


  • 3/15/11 9:53 Cara:

    HAHA Philosophy is a brand after my own heart. I LOVE Peeps! I was about to buy it in store, but now I’m thinking I NEED it…now.


    • 3/15/11 10:00 the Muse:

      cara sooo lovely ;-D I think you’ll likey ;D! Sephora has it in stock ;D


  • 3/23/11 5:50 Christina:

    I love this stuff so much. It’s my favorite product from philosophy. It reminds me of those glorious frosted lemon cookies growing up.


    • 3/23/11 9:28 the Muse:

      christina it’s my new fav too ;-D smells so delish!


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