Pop Beauty Eye Magnet Shade Eyeshadow the Perfect Compliment to Pop Beauty Eye Magnet Primer?

What do you when your eye primer is a fail?

Make it WINNING by introducing a new line of eyeshadows to go along with it!

Yup, that’s the story behind the new Pop Beauty Eye Magnet Shades. See, I have a certain love for Pop Beauty but I really didn’t dig on their Eye Magnet Primer, no likey dude.

I’m guessing they realized how bad it was so their solution was to create some shadows to go over it….what? I can’t make this stuff up! True story!

Pop Beauty Eye Magnet Shades are a new range of eyeshadows that can be used in conjunction with Eye Magnet Primer for a super long lasting, no budge, no smudge eyeshadow look!

Hmmm….hopefully these do something for the primer because it was a FAIL last time I checked it out.

Sadly, these shades are doing nothing for my beauty blood pressure either by the way!

Whatcha think?

  • 3/31/11 19:07 Dana:

    With the awesome color nail polish they have I was surprised with the color choices.


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