Skin Food Black Egg Pore Primer Review

The Skin Food Black Egg Pore Primer needs a new name. Black egg? Seriously? I’m thinking rotten egg when I saw the packaging. Guys, we really need to rethink the name here.

They claim it’ll make your skin as smooth and firm as a freshly hard boiled egg, thus the name eh?

Does it work?

A primer to mattify skin, conceal pores, and set makeup while blurring imperfections!

Well, you’re either going to love this or hate it.

I personally hate it, tell you why in a second.

This comes packaged in an egg shaped container. It’s an interesting packaging that feels glass to me. Very elegant and pretty like all Skin Food products the packaging really speaks to me. It includes a pump for easy application that squirts just the right amount of product out without overflow.

The formula itself is a clear thinner gel which feels a bit tacky at first and proceeds to follow up with a greasy feel but dries down to a mattifying finish.

I don’t like it because…

It feels all kinds of hecka greasy on my face. I pumped a single small squirt and proceeded to stroke it onto my face. At first the formula feels kinda sticky and uncomfortable but as it warms up it starts feeling really oily and greasy with a super slow dry down. As it dries down my face starts to feel tight and matte.

I personally don’t like it but if you have oily skin or larger pores (both of which I do not possess as I have dry skin and my pores aren’t visible) this might seal the deal as some sort of life saver. It’s an interesting texture as it starts off life feeling somewhat hydrating but feels a tad silicone-like once it hits your skin so I think it might do a decent job of concealing larger pores and mattifying skin as well due to the dry down however waiting around for the dry down to happen proves irritating as skin remains tacky and dewy to the touch for 5 minutes or so after application.

The product is exclusive to Korea and a few select Asian countries so if you hate dealing with online shopping, airmail, or jacked up pricing it could prove difficult to find in the US.

  • Those with oily skin and larger pores MAY like it (I even have my doubts about that).

  • Those with dry skin.
  • Those with pores that are small or not visible.
  • Those who rush through their morning makeup (seriously don’t use this if you wanna get out of the house in a hurry, the dry down takes ages).
  • Those unwilling to shop online, deal with airmail, etc…(this is exclusive to Asia).

The Skin Food makes some fabulous products but the Black Egg Pore Primer was a bust for me. I just couldn’t love the feel of the product on my face and felt the formula couldn’t decide what it wanted to be…greasy, oily, mattiying, hydrating…what a mix up.

No likey.

Anyone try it?

Your thoughts?

Do share!

If you’re interested in the Skin Food you can shop online at however prices are considerably higher than Korean retail and airmail shipping is costly!


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 3/30/11 20:37 Makedonka:

    I have combo skin and pores the size of volcano craters .. but nope, I can not pass the name … yuck.


  • 3/30/11 22:33 Melissa:

    Hey ya know I might give this a go since I’m super combo right now. My t-zone is oily and my cheeks are dry. What do you think is a fair price? $20 on flea bay seems high to me?


    • 3/31/11 12:13 the Muse:

      14 is way nicer melissa, 20 too high! ;D


  • 3/30/11 22:44 thiamere:

    i have been contemplating whether i should get this one because i haven’t found a decent review of this product yet. i have oily skin & really large pores & i think i will give this a try. i just hope that this will work for me.

    thanks a lot for the review,muse!

    i wonder why they call it as black egg… is it because they used century egg or the hakone black egg?!


    • 4/1/11 13:53 the Muse:

      my pleasure thiamere *hugs*!!!!!! 😉 I hope it works. I think hakone is the reference :)


  • 3/30/11 22:53 Nunuiviet:

    I bought two of these things last during my trip to Seoul.I use only twice, I don’t like the scent and the texture of it as well, I was kind of disappointed with this skinfood product


    • 3/31/11 9:15 the Muse:

      ha good to know nunu I thought I was being too harsh but man it was quite awful!


  • 3/31/11 3:56 Dawn:

    Black egg reminds me of century eggs..have you tried those?:)
    Its a preserved egg which is black in colour often eaten with porridge.


    • 3/31/11 12:13 the Muse:

      dawn that’s the reference in the primer I always considered them rotten eggs ;-D lol! I really don’t like them sadly.


  • 3/31/11 11:44 Jenna:

    I think it is a reference to the 1000 year or ‘century egg’ that is a food item in Chinese Cuisine.

    I tried one once at a friend’s traditional chinese dinner. Yuk. Google it, you’ll be grossed out!

    haha. Weird that they would name it after that though.


    • 3/31/11 12:14 the Muse:

      it is indeed jenna ;-D agreed, not my fav food in the world, reminds me of rotten eggs :(


      • 4/1/11 11:35 Dawn:

        Hehe,its said that the eggs were traditionally preserved in horse urine. But now,due to hygiene reasons I think its preserved by ammonia or some chemical:D
        I don’t really fancy it either..The colour freaks me out alittle.HAHA


        • 4/1/11 11:37 the Muse:

          just the color freaks me out dawn!


  • 11/1/12 3:41 Sam:

    Just a little snippet about the packaging, I think it refers to Owakudani black egg. Owakudani is a famous national park in Hakone, Japan. The volcano there is almost dormant but it produces a lot of steam that smells like sulfur. The black eggs are chicken eggs that have been cooked in volcanic groundwater which is a gray murky color, thus turning the egg shells black. They say that each egg will increase the longevity of your life by 7 years. Sounds gross at first, like why would anyone want to eat a black egg. But they really taste like ordinary chicken eggs; I had the pleasure of eating three when I visited park.


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