Sonia Kashuk Eye Quad Target Spring 2011

Sonia Kashuk has brand new Eye Quads debuting in her Target Collection for Spring 2011.

Let’s have a look!

If you like Sonia’s normally shimmery quads that she releases every so often these might appeal. It appears the quads are made up of four shades one of which is shimmery and the others with a more natural finish. Her quads normally lack the shimmery shades you are seeing here or occasionally she releases quads with four shimmery shades (see one of those palettes by clicking here). These shadows remind me of loosely packed pigments and have a fair bit of fall out but I normally enjoy purchasing them regardless. They don’t always have alot of pigment so it’s nice they are doing one shimmery shade and the rest regular finishes as you can use the shade as an overcoat of sorts.

Take a look for yourself!

Aside from the blue I love all the shades and may just indulge! They are $12.99 each so you’re not busting your budge too much if you want to inject some nice nudes into your Spring palette.

Whatcha think?

Love ’em?

Need ’em?

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Available from and shortly at your local Target Stores.

  • 3/1/11 11:01 JoElla:

    oooooooohhhhhhhhh I must own the sands and the blues quads!


    • 3/1/11 11:21 stacie:

      I agree!


  • 3/1/11 11:14 Vijaya:

    Shimmering Sands looks pretty, but I have to say, I do NOT like the packaging.


  • 3/1/11 13:17 Telly9009:

    Oh! These look so pretty! I must have these!


  • 3/1/11 13:45 LaurieS:

    I agree, the packaging is bleh. Those Sands sure look pretty enough to tempt me into checking them out though.


  • 3/1/11 14:48 Jessica:

    I wrote a letter once because I adore some of her eyeshadow palettes but was having problems with the packaging breaking.
    They sent a very sweet reply, and said that it came down to two things, either take down the shadow quality for better packaging, or put (In their words) a great product in cheaper packaging. In order to keep costs down for consumers they went with the cheaper packaging.


  • 3/1/11 15:03 Susan:

    Shimmering Sands is calling my name!


  • 3/1/11 20:00 fishball:

    For a second I thought Target is discontinuing Sonia Kashuk as there are tons of mark down in my local Targets…. great that they are still in Target with new products!

    Btw, have you used their blending sponge? How does it compare to the high end $20 a piece Beauty Blender blending sponge?


    • 3/2/11 10:35 the Muse:

      fishball naa it’s here to stay believe they are just making room for new goodies that’s prob why the mark downs :) not sure haven’t tried it.


  • 3/3/11 4:11 zang:

    idk. i did not have a good experience the last time i had a S.K. palette. i don’t know if i will give them another try. i am otherwise in love with her brushes.


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