Tarte Amazonian Clay Long Wear Blush in Glisten

This Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Long Wear Blush in Glisten from the QVC 8th World of Wonder Best of the Amazon Clay Collection!

Pretty isn’t it?

  • 3/2/11 21:13 elizabeth:

    These blushes are my main lemming right now! Can’t wait for swatches!


  • 3/2/11 21:21 Julie:

    YES! My TSV should be here by Friday. Can’t wait to try it.


  • 3/3/11 7:50 Nunuiviet:

    I love that colour just by looking at it! And I also like the fact that tarte products contain ingredients like Amazonian clay.


  • 3/3/11 8:00 Andrea:

    Gorgeous! I already have Blissful and Tipsy in this formula (wearing Blissful today), and I just love them. They are so natural and easily buildable. Usually I’m afraid of highly pigmented blushes, but it’s really easy to use a light hand with these.


    • 3/3/11 13:52 the Muse:

      andrea really LOVING these too :D!


  • 3/3/11 11:21 sparklyblind:

    I’ve never been a huge fan of TARTE’S Blushes but I love how they use as natural as possible, “Skinvigarating” good for your skin minerals, antioxident, vitamins, smell great enough to drink&can double as a lipgloss.
    Although I own 2 of the gel tubes (Flower Child and TEN to celebrate their tenth Ann.) I held on to them still in the wrapping because I’ve never used a non-powder blush. I dreamed of days&ways I could work them into my regular looks but never dared try because I was certain things would DEFINITELY turn out horibbly. One day w my bf just chillin at the house and I had on ZERO makeup, in PJ’s, the WORST! So I scraped the tiniest, tiniest amount off of both colors and blended between my fingers to get a super natural glow, lit from within.
    I’m probably going to buy “Natural Beauty” first. I’m not definite that’s the colors’ name but on Sephora.com & is the one described as a Strawberry color. I’ve found that most of TARTE’S cheekstains are not, which annoys me since they can feel so sticky&I usually dust a light amount of powder blush over the “stain.” I think these will look great dusted over TARTE’S original gel tube “stain” since the powder blush will catch on to the gel material and you’ll finally achieve that long lasting stain:)
    I love how they used Amazonian Clay for those of us w “greaseface!” I’m thinking the clay will absorb any oils…BUT- Has anyone had the color change on them throughout the day because that is my personal main concern. Sorry so long…it’s be awhile!! xo


  • 3/3/11 17:00 Julie:

    Got my TSV today. It is honestly the best makeup kit I’ve ever received from the Q. I like every single piece in it.


  • 3/4/11 1:47 Annie:

    I’m DYING to try this out in Blushing Bride (they had it as a swatch but none in stock, woe!). I wonder if the Amazonian clay would do us oily-skinned gals a favour?


    • 3/7/11 16:38 the Muse:

      annie supposedly it balances both oily and dry skin :)


  • 3/19/11 20:36 nicci:

    This looks so pretty but would you say it is similar to NARS Orgasm? I heard some people say it is. That is why I am a little hesitant to purchase. Orgasm was too glittery and dark for me.


    • 3/21/11 9:59 the Muse:

      nicci it has a touch of orgasm to it but leans towards more peachy than pink.


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