The Body Shop Spring Makeup Trend 2011

Time for the Body Shop’s Spring Makeup Collection 2011!

I always look forward to the Body Shop’s Makeup offerings, how about you? They normally have very fun releases and quite good shade selections as well plus the cute packaging slays me.

Let’s see what Spring has in store for us!

This year the collection’s packaging was designed by the London College of fashion and includes various shadow palettes, a cheek tint, and accessories.


  • The Body Shop Tailored Cheek Tint $15.50

A clear gel that magically transforms on the skin into a pink blush suited to your skin tone.


  • The Body Shop Hi-Shine Lip Treatment $10

A lipgloss with an integrated brush for kissable lips!


  • Pink Cream
  • Juicy Peach


  • The Body Shop Illuminating Face Base $14 (Apricot Glow)

Add a warm glow to your complexion with an illuminating base with Community Trade ingredients.


  • The Body Shop Collection for Eyes Boho Beauty $24

A collection of four matte shades in warm browns and apricot.


  • The Body Shop Collection for Eyes A La Mode $24

Three pearlescent shades in silver, white and pink, and a matte black for lining!

  • The Body Shop Collection Spring Makeup Trend 2011 Makeup Bag ($12) and Brush Purse ($8)

  • The Body Shop Collection Spring Makeup Trend 2011 Nail File and Buffer $3

The collection is available online at and should be arriving in store (if it isn’t already) soon. I haven’t seen it at my store as of yet but my eyes are peeled.

The A La Mode Palette reminds me of the new Spring Tokidoki Quad, dontcha think?

What are you loving (or not) about The Body Shop’s Spring Makeup Collection 2011?

  • 3/16/11 11:15 Phyrra:

    I like the looks of the apricot glow, and the Boho Beauty quad.


  • 3/16/11 11:23 Audris:

    The eyeshadows are very smoothly milled and reasonably pigmented when I tested them on the back of my hand. Not too shabby if you don’t already have similar colours :)

    The cheek tint is a lovely shade, but felt too silicone-y. Otherwise I’d have grabbed that, though I don’t see how the brush helps. The brush on this belongs more to lipglosses.

    The face base is pretty sheer and great if you need a glow but little/no coverage.


    • 3/16/11 11:32 the Muse:

      thanks for the brief review audris ;-D my store doesn’t have them yet so nice to hear what they are like!


  • 3/16/11 12:24 Courtney:

    Random question, wasn’t sure where to post it…How do we get our pictures to show up when we post a response?


  • 3/16/11 12:32 M:

    We have these in Singapore already. Between the eyeshadow quads, the one with the pink and silver is nicer, IMHO. The stand-out is the silver shade. The neutral palette is a bit meh.

    The cheek tint is pretty but doesn’t work on my oily skin. I think you’d like it, tho. :) The face base is average. I hardly saw a difference on my NC30 complexion.

    I ended up only getting the Juicy Peach gloss. :)


    • 3/16/11 13:07 the Muse:

      hey M that’s the thing that interests me most ;-D it looks good, the blush that is. how’s the gloss?


      • 3/16/11 13:16 M:

        The gloss is like their regular ones (those in the squeeze tubes with slanted tip applicators). A bit tacky with passionfruit scent. :) applies near colourless.

        I am wishing wishing that they’d release a collection close to the Moroccan Rose makeup one. So pretty, that was (and now I talk like Yoda).


        • 3/16/11 13:22 the Muse:

          LOLLLLLL M ;-D Talk like yoda, you do. Yes! LOL god yes. This looks ok but I was kinda hoping for some as fabulous as Spring 2010 or Fall 2010, loved both! those were outstanding, maybe they’ll surprise us for Summer!


  • 3/16/11 12:50 Guida:

    Enjoy! Both the pallettes have good pigmentation 😀 The blush is awesome, it reacts with our skin’s pH. The illuminating primer is weird, I don’t think it really illuminates anything but it gives our skin a warmer tone :) Ah, it is available in only 1 color but it suits everyone, trust me! It won’t make pores fade but it leaves your skin “dry”, which is actually nice for those with oily skin.



    • 3/16/11 13:06 the Muse:

      thanks guida! ;-D I really want the blush sounds lovely ;-D xoxox!


  • 3/16/11 13:04 tee:

    My skin tone doesnt agree with the orange eyeshadow palette and I owned too many similar colors from the other palette.

    The blush is quite nice though. I like how the color shows up :)


  • 3/16/11 22:25 Cara:

    DEFINITELY a big Body Shop fan. All their products are natural and cruelty-free… 😀 I’m so looking forward to the tailored cheek tint!


  • 3/17/11 14:13 Musebeliever:

    I might try the cheek tint. But globally I’m not convinced by the body shop make up range. I prefer Tokodoki.


  • 3/19/11 3:34 Jeanne:

    I picked up the Cheek Tint blush yesterday and so far I like it a lot! I must say though I’m a little disappointed with the makeup bags – considering the Body Shop collaborated with an art school, I think they should’ve taken advantage of the larger surface area and created an actual art piece instead of stamping a logo over and over again.


    • 3/21/11 13:19 the Muse:

      mmm jeanne good point on the design!


  • 3/19/11 19:09 Mango:

    got boho beauty today on a promotion for 50% off. great quality, great deal. check it out!


    • 3/21/11 13:11 the Muse:

      mmm online too mango!?


  • 3/26/11 16:08 Ruthless:

    I accidentally got a wicked deal on this, the sales associate said I could get the pallette, lipgloss, mascara and brush kit for 35 bucks-she got the price wrong and they had to give it to me at that price. Poor girl. I wouldn’t have got the palette without the deal. Lipgloss is ok, I got the bronzier one.

    The A la mode palette is nice, I haven’t used the white or silver much but the pink is actually quite pigmented.All frosty, very frosty except the black. My only complaint is the staying power, it will go to hell on oily lids in less than 4 hours with UDPP both original and Eden


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